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Stupid & fun hair pics topic


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CUBBY2112, you have the best do on this whole thread. That is awesome man. I want you to be my stylist. Very original and it looks great.



Okay, lets keep this thing alive, dug up some olllllllllllld ones and lit up the scanner.


The BOWL cut! (1995) c'mon, tell me you didn't have it!



The NSYNC. (1998, South Beach Miami)

Man, who the heck let me out of the hotel room like this?!?!?! Robert, shame we did not live close, i think your crew could have used a 5th back then



The In Between Stage, Part 1 (2003)



The In between Stage, Part 2 (2003)



keep em comin!

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The chronology of my dorkiness:













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Michelle, I think the only thing that was missing from all of those past shots, which are classic btw, was the pink hair. If you had pink hair in all of them, no way you would even consider having had called yourself a dork


You look like a supermodel in that last pic!


Wow, thanks Marcina!!!! I should thank the photographer for that, he guided me and takes great shots. I had two photographers offer to shoot me for free back when I was obsessed with trying to get into modeling. One was a friend the other was some dude who gets people fitness modeling work http://www.bbpics.com He never posted me up b/c he said i needed a bigger chest development. I think that was what fueled my rage to have a monstrous chest back in the day. It wasn't my fault I wasn't born with the greatest genetics for chest but I made it a point to do something about it Anyhow they did offer me to model but I didn't want any backhanded offers, so i turned it down, whatever


I have at least 300 modeling shots, most black and white but I that doesn't fit this thread. Perhaps we should start a Zoolander thread for those who think that there isn't much more to life other than being really really ridiculously good looking

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Crazy hair growth. The 'fro days.



You can't stop the chops baby!



The GQ



The Mohawk



The shaved head.

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Haha, I like the idea of trying to stop chops and being unable to do so


I had my hair cut today... had to say goodbye to about 3 inches of length. But now it looks a bit tidier, and thicker overall. It was 3 years since I had the skinhead. Maybe I'll wait another 3 years before cutting it again... I want to keep it long.





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I had my hair cut today... had to say goodbye to about 3 inches of length
Oh no! Well at least it will be tidier like you said and thicker. What you really need going forward in the future is a parrot. They are very loyal to their owners and constantly preen your hair. Very effective.



You rock ruff and tuff with yo afro puff, HEY rock on with yo bad self! I love it.



As for the mutton chops, you can't go wrong. I am a fan of all sorts of sideburn action going on, right on bro.

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