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FOOD COMBINING (Please don't delete)

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We're herbivores...we're supposed to be eating constantly. Just look at our animal friends that eat like we vegans do...only carnies, omnies and humans that need to suppress diet eat less often than herbivores. Also if you fart twice a day you must be farting in your sleep...everyone does.

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Also if you fart twice a day you must be farting in your sleep...everyone does.


common now Potter, you say everyone stinks, everyone farts, everyone... you're not everyone. I can tell you that I don't fart often, except when I start to eat a lot like during winter and mixing many things and eating desserts, etc... but you won't believe me because of course I can't provide you any proof.


When you say ridiculous things like "there's no food combiner olympic medalists" or "we need to stop breathing for many hours" otherwise the air is a bad mix with the food, you're only showing that you're running out of arguments.


I can provide a proof in favor of food combining:


you probably all heard about the "grapefruit diet", which was popular amongst Hollywood stars. It simply consists of eating half of a grapefruit at the end of each meal.

There's a study that showed that it actually works for losing weight. The group that wasn't eating any grapefruits (and therefore eating a bit less of calories per day) lost less weight than the group eating grapefruits (even if they were eating about 200 calories more everyday).

The only explanation we can think of is:

eating a grapefruit (or any fruit or simple sugar) at the end of a meal make the digestion of this meal very difficult, resulting in some calories that are not even digested and absorbed by the body.

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There are a few things that increase fermentation in the stomach. One is eating simple carbs. Another is "stuffing" the stomach. Regardless of how you combine foods, if you eat too much then your stomach cannot produce enough hydrochloric acid to digest it and it will begin to ferment in the stomach and/or further along the digestive tract.


I can find no human studies concerning food combining but would like to know of any.

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