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THE most important question you should ask yourself.

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I was just about to say that too... we are what we eat.


And if that is so then I am probably a banana, although I might be confused for a grapefruit at times. But really I love just about all fruit so I could live as any of them except the infamous durian! (I know, it gets a bad rap)


But even so, after reading this thread my consumption of bananas seems way too low. hehe. I usually only eat one a day (although I do eat other fruit as well ).

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A young Thai coconut! I love coconuts. I wanted so bad to say Durian but i'm trying to give the durian posts a break and show some love to other stuff. Coconuts grow high up also and they're solid and high in cals and have the cleanest purest electrolyte enhanced water on earth. But that milky white flesh, I would like to be more tan but we cannot have our cake and eat it too!


If you're the coconut I'll be its milk.

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A tangerine!!!!

A juicy, vibrant and colourful tropical tangerine. Like those ones with thin skin, I don't like the R&D'd thick skinned and perfectly coloured tangerines. The ones from the real trees are better.

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This season I'm definitely a hot date. Sweet, bold, rich, and keeps you coming back for more!


All innuendo aside, banana is a close second, and reading everyone's consumption levels makes me much happier as I've been limiting myself to 3-4 each day for no other reason that unsubstantiated fear of over eating them. Lord knows I could easily plow through a dozen a day and it looks like now I will!




Totally off topic but I just finished lifting and I AM SO JACKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!! God I love this feeling.

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