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Who will win NBA playoffs?

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Well, it's official....Grant Hill, Shaq, Nash, Amare and company are out after losing 4-1 to the Spurs.


I don't care if the Spurs came in as the #3 seed, they are still the team to beat and will most likely end up in the finals...again.


Rockets won big.....bye bye Dallas.


King James on tap tomorrow

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Tomorrows a big day. Can the Celtics win on the road against the Hawks? After last nights drubbing I sure hope so. If they cant and it goes to seven at Boston, and Boston takes it, whats to say they wont loose on the road against better teams that have achance to beat them at their home!?


Jazz tomorrow also. Ugh. I hate the Jazz fever here in Utah.

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Yeah, big day in the NBA!


I still can't believe Boston didn't sweet Atlanta, but it's great for ATL, a team that has sucked for over a decade. They probably have more losses than almost any team over the past 10-15 years. Good for them to be doing well now


King James........put away DC!

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By the way, Durant won Rookie of the Year. Check out these awesome rookies of the year over the past 20+ years:


1984-85 - Michael Jordan, Chicago

1985-86 - Patrick Ewing, New York

1986-87 - Chuck Person, Indiana

1987-88 - Mark Jackson, New York

1988-89 - Mitch Richmond, Golden State

1989-90 - David Robinson, San Antonio

1990-91 - Derrick Coleman, New Jersey

1991-92 - Larry Johnson, Charlotte

1992-93 - Shaquille O'Neal, Orlando

1993-94 - Chris Webber, Golden State

1994-95 - Grant Hill, Detroit (tie)

- Jason Kidd, Dallas (tie)

1995-96 - Damon Stoudamire, Toronto

1996-97 - Allen Iverson, Philadelphia

1997-98 - Tim Duncan, San Antonio

1998-99 - Vince Carter, Toronto

1999-00 - Elton Brand, Chicago (tie)

- Steve Francis, Houston (tie)

2000-01 - Mike Miller, Orlando

2001-02 - Pau Gasol, Memphis

2002-03 - Amaré Stoudemire, Phoenix

2003-04 - LeBron James, Cleveland

2004-05 - Emeka Okafor, Charlotte

2005-06 - Chris Paul, New Orleans/Okla. City

2006-07 - Brandon Roy, Portland

2007-08 - Kevin Durant, Seattle


Nearly all went on to be big stars, HUGE stars.

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Whats weird is that they only won 36 or so regular season games. I think its just the underdogs fighting chance thats helping Atlanta. If they are going to be a good team, they need need to get rid of Bibby and get a better point guard.

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The Lakers have NOT lost a game yet in the playoffs and have the MVP of the league on their team


They must be stopped!


Hornets are crushing Spurs too.....surprise to me. Playoff times = Spurs dominance.


Lebron usually takes over as well and his Cavs were tied with Boston with 24 seconds left so it's not a bad loss and they'll bounce back I'm sure.


The Magic are also back in action.


Who do you want to see?


Lakers vs. Celtics?


Lakers vs. Cavs (Kobe vs. Lebron)


Anyone other than Lakers vs. some team from the East?



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Kobe vs Lebron would of been insane if I didnt see Lebron going for 8-43 from field goal range the last two games.


Go Celts. Lakers are great, but I would love to see the Hornets pull the win and take on the Celts for the West Finals.

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Okay I found this thread a little late but I agree with Robert Lakers vs Celtics. I would have to go with the Celtics to win cuz if you're a blazer you automatically hate the Lakers. I'm pretty sure its a law or something.


PS Search online for comedian Cain Lopez (it might be Cane). He does the most helarious Tim Duncan impression.



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Man, this sucks! All the teams I like are being eliminated!


The Suns are gone, the Cavs have been bounced, the Magic got dealt wit, and the Spurs beat their opponents.


I'm going for Boston. I just like Garnett and I like the TEAM attitude they seam to have (of course Detroit has had the TEAM attitude for years), but I like Boston.


Yeah, we all hate the Lakers

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It's hard to not like the Celtics.


Sure they won the most games this year and some people don't root for favorites....but......They play as a TEAM. They have stars who didn't get to enjoy a whole lot of success on their previous teams. Their main star has played in Boston for 10 years with all the ups and downs and willed them into the conference finals, they have fun, they are in the greatest sports city in America (Redsox, Patriots near by, Bruins, amazing college sports teams, etc)., and I think it is their time.

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Lakers dominated and then got served! I don't know who to cheer for. I don't really like any teams, aside from Boston


Can we get a Suns vs. Cavs or Suns vs. Magic championship around here?


Maybe a Warriors vs. Hawks or something?

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Here we go, the match-up it seems the world has been wanting.


Celtics vs Lakers


Although I gurantee the NBA wanted that match-up, its hard pressed for me to see any favoritism in the playoffs on the Celtics. They fought long and hard to get there.


On the other hand, the Celtics were basically handed the position on a platter. Did you see that no-call? The Lakers are a good team, but if you watched the playoffs you can tell which team the refs were looking to get into the Finals.

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