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First experiences with vegetables

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I just had my first experience with Eggplant. I decided to give it a try. I don't know if I cooked it wrong or not( I have no idea how to prepare it ) but it was ing as can be. It almost ruined my meal. If it weren't for the other parts of the meal being yummy I'd still be hungry. It tasted like chewy bitter soap. Are you supposed to remove the skin? I figured that cooking Eggplant would be just like cooking Tofu( I even thought the taste would be similar ) and I was horribly wrong. I do remember a long time ago I had eggplant in a vegetarian dish at Panda express and I remember liking it. I remember thinking it tasted like tofu. But tonight I felt like gaging.


My first experience with Watermelon was also not good. I hated it for a long time until I came to this site and discovered that Watermelon aids in muscle growth. It took a while but I learned to love it. I'm hoping I can learn to love eggplant.


Anyone here have any bad/Gross first impressions of vegetables?

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I think with eggplant it's best to slice it thinly, rub a little salt lightly into the flesh and then let it sit a while before cooking. It's great as a layer in vegan lasagne.


Personally I like almost all veggies. When I was young mushrooms ed me but I can't get enough of them now. I'm not too partial to coriander or celery but they're fine when mixed in with other stuff.


On fruits, I love bananas but strangely enough the cavendish variety doesn't sit well in my stomach and the riper they get the worse the stomach ache. Lady finger bananas I have no problem with at all. Anyone know what that reaction might be about?

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Sorry you had a bad experience. I love eggplant but I think it tastes best when roasted or fried-both using a fair amount of oil which may or may not be something you want to eat a lot of. How did you cook it? The previous post is right about salting t first-it can be bitter if you don't.


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hahaha. I'm actually the exact opposite. I love the shape of eggplants. They remind me of the Wrecking Crew( A Mario Brothers Game ) Enemy called Eggplant Man.




And who could forget the hilarious Eggplant Wizard from Captain N?




I'm a total nerd.

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