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In need of a good workout plan

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I no this is always asked and talked about but oh well...


Right now I am 6Foot and weighing in at 208. A few months ago I was almost pushing 225 but I set a couple of goals for myself and have been able to shed some weight through eating alot better, light running, swimming (when it was nicer out) and playing some basketball.


I think it's about time for me to step up to the plate and start bulking up some. I will be able to get to the gym (I am joining the local YMCA) before or after work depending upon my schedule.


I need just a good workout plan that will help me bulk up some and get some tone.

If anyone has a routine they stick to and it really works for them and could post it here, I am willing to give anything a shot.





My ultimate goal is to one day look like this... It probably won't happen but I am ready to do my best


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Heya Chris,


First off, you are badass if you're a henry rollins fan. i love his music and his outlook on life.


As for bulkin up. it is possible man. check out this article for the basics and a good starter workout




thats what they pointed me to when i asked your same question. and really after a while, you'll tweak your workout and find out whats best for you and gets the results you want.


the big thing is nutrition. i really wouldn't know what you're diet needs to be. but for me, im trying to gain weight so i consume over the needed 2000 calorie diet with a lot of protein and carbs. but as for shedding weight, my guess is cardio.


anyway, im not the smartest nor the most experienced here on the boards, but that's just what they've told me


take care.

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Dude you can definitely do it. Have you seen pictures of Henry Rollins when he was younger, around when he first joined Black Flag? He used to be just some skinny punk kid. Then he went hardcore and started working out 3 hours a day.



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I love Rollins... I just saw him last night on his "25 Years of Bullshit" spoken word tour and it was AMAZING.


I am going to start doing some light weight stuff this week to break myself into working out all the time.

The week after that I am going to start really hitting the gym hard and keep it up.


I am going to start a blog to keep track of my eating and my workouts.


If anyone has any tips pass them this way.

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rollins is the man! isn't he vegetarian as well? i remember an interview where he was talking about how he would tour in the van (Get In The Van) and it would be hard to find vegetarian food is some cities.


regardless, it is totally possible to look like that. rollins as brilliant as he is, he is still a man. and if he could do it, why not you? the guy is crazy talented and smart, but what powers does he possess that you don't. he has two hands, two arms, two legs, just like you do. all that is needed is self discipline.

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I emailed henry about being a vegetarian/vegan. He wondered where that came from he said no, since he eats chicken, eggs, and everything else. In his spoken word about going to africa he talks about eating dog and his reports on russian travel reveal his disdain for vegetarianism. Though he could just be saying all that to piss off vegetarians who want to idolize him. Only Rollins knows is my take. I imagine he was a vegetarian earlier in his life, it shows up in some of his earlier writings as ronnie pointed out. I remember him reading an early poem he said he wanted to eat his father's heart but couldnt since he was a vegetarian...then there was a time at a pet store he ate a live fish, perhaps that was made up too. I guess in the end im not sure either way.

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