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hey heyfrom the uk


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Hey there,


Am 19, from essex in the UK. Have been vegan for about 4 years now, I changed for ethical reasons but then realised the health benefits straight away.

In the past have tried my hand at boxing, rugby, "soccer", athletics, you know, the usual sports these days.

Have stopped all of them now due to university but am currently lifting weights on a regular basis (not a heavy weight but I try every to make sure I do something everyday).

Nothing too much at the moment as am just getting back into this type of thing and have a pretty demanding uni course.

But am seriously considering pushing myself now and seeing what I can do.

It seems lifting weights is about the only real excercise I have time for these days thanks to my course, so hopefully I can make a good go at it and get back into some decent shape.


Am not really too sure what else I can say now so hopefully this explains enough.

And hopefully I can grab some help and motivation from here along the way.


Nice to meet you all =]


- Adios Tin-Tin

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Hey man, best avatar i've seen yet. Sweet costume, not sure what it's about but it's pretty chill. Great to have you here and great sports you've taken up. I have never done any rugby, I feel it's more popular in Europe but it's def not a sport for me. I admire people who play it. I boxed for a lil but nothing major. Alot of fun. The great thing about weightlifting is that the power you gain from resistance training carries over into any sport you do. Should you decide to resume any sort of sport you once played more actively, that will transfer over to your game immediately so you're doing a good thing for you body.


Great to have you here and welcome aboard!

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to syrlinus : haha well i did used to love them when i was younger yeah, but my name actually is tin-tin so i guess i kinda have to


and to lean n green : the costume is of bananaman . . . you probably don't know it 'cause i think its mainly a british cartoon, really old actually, but everyone always loves a vegan dressing up as bananaman




thanks for the warm welcome anyway guys =]

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banaman for sure

even if he does start of as a 10 year old called eric

tin-tin just walks around with a dog solving mysteries

and always get arrested and kidnapped i will add


Oh, man! I had my money on tin-tin, just going by the names. I'm sure it would be a much closer match between bananaman and tin-tin the VBBF forum member .

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