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My progression

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ok so this is my first real post here

this is not so much a progression of my training

but a progression of my

"before-i-start" training

i raided my archives and tried to come up with some kind of body shots around these times



and there they are


as you can see

in 05-06 when i was playing rugby . . i really wasnt much of anything


2007 = no training what so ever really


and 2008 = still no substaintial training, just doing a set of "21's" with a barbell everyday, dumbell flys whenever i have the time, and i generally attempt to tense my stomach for most part of the day,whether im sitting down, walking around, working etc, i just try and keep it tensed, was a tip i picked up from a lifter which seemed to work better for me than sit-ups did


i have no idea what, or how im going to improve yet, so anybody fancy helping me out go for it, would be much appreciated.

i get very little time each day due to my university course being so demanding, but i'll be damned if it's gonna get in my way

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So now I think you're pretty skinny, more than earlier years; that's good when you start because you can concentrate on eating and gaining muscle instead of thinking about losing fat.


If you don't have lots of time because of university, you can do some high intensity training, full body, which take about 30 minutes, 3 times/week.

Use supersets.

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I agree, you are def at your leanest. Are you looking to pack on some size or just maintain what you have and throw a little extra muscle on to give you a more chiseled up look by having more lbm to accentuate? What is your training now?


btw, if you want to take after progress shots to compare, try getting a quick shoot in and do some various poses showing off different muscle groups so that you can pose the same way when you do an after shoot. As of right now, the progress is def noticeable from your past physiques.

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right firstly - yeah im gonna try and get some shots in either today or tomorrow


secondly - the 30 minutes supersets, 3 times a week, sounds like it could be a winner fitting in with the rest of my schedule


and am looking to be a bit of both really, chisel up with some extra muscle on top


and currently my training isn't really training at all, its just a set of 21's with a barbell on about 20kgs and then a set of dumbbell flys . . and i try to do that every day during the week, and then have the weekend off, and then carry on . . . . to be honest, it's probably not really getting me very far is it? it's just kind of keeping where i am, which was fine up until now, but now i want to progress

. . right

well i think that was all i had to reply too

thanks guys

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You are in good shape to start building muscle just as I'm Your Man said.


I'd suggest moves like deadlift, squat, bench press, incline bench press, push press, overhead tricep extensions, bent-over barbell row ect... with those you'll get pretty far and you can do all of them at home if you just get some more plates for your barbell.

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ok so

lean and green said to get a quick shoot done

so i quickly took some last night

a front and a back






hopefully will be able to work on from these

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