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Pete's "getting healthy" progress

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So it's been a week since I last worked out, and my diet has included a lot of Polish chocolate. I hate when family visits from the homeland lol Been walking and driving a lot around the city showing him around, so there hasn't been much energy for a workout. Tomorrow I'm definitely gonna get a workout in though

Nice, so how is your back holding up?

In general, pretty well. Ever since I added stretching after every workout, it's been feeling nicer. Although last week after deadlifting, the next day it was bugging me. The time before it was fine, so I'll chalk it up to bad form

Should use a swiss ball, may be easier to regulate the strain on your back& core

In what way? Stretching, squatting?

Good work with the riding, did you end up doing that 15k'er?


Hope all is well with you and your training is going well, keep at it MF.

I have no idea man lol How do people ride such long trips (50km+)? After about 10km my ass hurts so bad

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