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Fructose Malabsorption/Intolerance and Raw Food Diet

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I just recently read about Fructose Intolerance. Since pretty much all fruit is high in Fructose, that means these people can't tolerate fruits. So how are people supposed to do a 100% Raw Food Diet, if they have Fructose Intolerance, since they wouldn't be able to eat any fruit ?


Where are they going to get there calories from ?

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I never heard about that. Well, if there's such persons, I guess they just can't be fruitarian, that's for sure. And if they waant to be raw foodists they're gonna have to eat only greens, grains. There's carbs in some seeds and nuts but I don't know if it's fructose.

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I think this is mainly for high fructose corn syrup and not fruits...maybe I'm wrong but I think it may be a safe assumption.


I agree.

When you hear about things of this nature.. they really only exist in the

SAD world. Not the raw food/whole foods world.

It shouldn't be an issue.. the body will heal itself once given

the proper nourishment.



I know I was hypoglycemic before going raw.. it got pretty bad.

But after being raw for only a few months, the problem completely

reversed itself, and I haven't had any problems since.

I CAN consume lots of high sugar fruits if I desire, but unless I am

training/being very physically active, it doesn't make me feel very good.



Also, lets not forget that.. things like, bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers are fruits

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