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I'm back!


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Im back after months of being a slacker and internet avoider!

I figured I'd reintroduce myself as I've been MIA since before thanksgiving! I ended up moving to right outside NYC and was without the internet for around five or six months, except for the occaisional kinkos fix.

I'm back though, with a new motivation, and I've been working in a warehouse for months now, unloading trucks and the like, so Im hoping that with a better diet, and MORE work, I'll be a lot better off.


Anyways, whats up guys?

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Hey, welcome back! You were here before I was so it is nice to read your intro.


And if you ever want to train together or meet up for some good vegan eats in the city, just pm me and let me know. I usually train in brooklyn but nysc has like 40 locations in manhattan and I can go to any one of them.

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