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Don't stress about the running. You're doing good, as long as you keep at it. I started on the treadmill, only going for ten minutes. Then gradually three days a week for two months I would go longer until I was doing three miles. Then I took it outside, and had to start all over, ugh. Before I began running I really thought I physically couldn't do it. I actually talked to one of the trainers, he's become a sort of mentor for me. I was practically in tears when I was talking about how I've never been able to run, and he said it sounded like a mental, and not a physical problem. I guess just because running was hard for me growing up I got it in my head that I couldn't do it. Well, I guess I sort of agreed with him, because now I'm running 3 times a week outside. It isn't really getting easier, because as I progress I go faster or longer, so unfortunately for me it's not going to get easier. But form, endurance, and getting stronger legs will happen. I don't think that walking will really hurt your running, it may actually help stretch your quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, etc.


Thanks for sharing your story and for the encouragement! I think tomorrow I'll do hill intervals and take it "easy."

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Thanks for sharing your story and for the encouragement! I think tomorrow I'll do hill intervals and take it "easy."


I don't know much about your training program, but I'd advise against doing anything except just running (i.e hills, speed work) until you've built up a sufficient base. Your focus should really be on just running so that you get your muscles and stamina built up, or you're asking for injury.


I started out run-walking for 2km, then upped it to 2.5 after a week, then upped it to 4 a couple weeks later, then started reducing the number of walks (some people never actually do this) until I was running 4k straight. then I upped it to 5k, and so on. I didn't do anything will hills or speed work until I'd already been running 5-10k at a time for several months. My progression is considered fairly quick.


Just my advice...

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I don't know much about your training program, but I'd advise against doing anything except just running (i.e hills, speed work) until you've built up a sufficient base. Your focus should really be on just running so that you get your muscles and stamina built up, or you're asking for injury.


Thanks for the advice Pamela! I didn't plan to run the hills, I was just going to walk 'em. I'm going back to the run/walk program to see what happens.

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I don't know much about your training program, but I'd advise against doing anything except just running (i.e hills, speed work) until you've built up a sufficient base. Your focus should really be on just running so that you get your muscles and stamina built up, or you're asking for injury.


Thanks for the advice Pamela! I didn't plan to run the hills, I was just going to walk 'em. I'm going back to the run/walk program to see what happens.


Oh phew, good! I know sometimes it can be easy as a beginner to get carried away, like from reading about this stuff in running magazines and so on, but it's really detrimental to start on that stuff too soon. Walking them seems MUCH more reasonable.

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I haven't even tried hills yet. I think the running instructor I work with thinks I'm ready though, it's been six months since I started, so I might do hills one day a week soon. I know I wouldn't have been ready for hills probably even two months ago. Good idea on walking them, I hadn't thought of that.

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Ladies, I appreciate your support and input! Thanks so much!!


I love walking hills. Keeps my glutes in good shape and my heart rate up. I'll be doing it as part of my non-cardio-day-cardio after my weight workout.


I think I've learned my lesson of trying to do too much too soon. I'm going to try to stick to my program and aim for a July 1st 5k instead of anything sooner.

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Day 22


So I didn't exactly stick to my new guidelines yesterday. I ended up going to bed more than an hour later than I had planned. I was exhausted this morning and didn't have a lot of energy. I made it to the gym. Did my new weight program and enjoyed it. I always feel good after. Even if I hate doing step ups and can't do 20 RDL's properly. I usually quit after 15 when my form gets sloppy. My trainer has me doing them against some plates that are against the wall to help with my form. I couldn't be bothered to set all that up this morning.


I did some uninspiring cardio today. I was on the elliptical for 40 minutes this morning and only burned 350 calories. That's a disgrace considering that last week I was able to burn more than 700 in just 20 minutes more. In my defense, I was tired. I'm trying to respect my legs and I desperately want to run tomorrow. So, I'm taking it easy. I'm mostly better now. I'm going to watch some Sex and the City episodes tonight and stretch my legs out so that by tomorrow, I'll be ready to run. I hope. I'm going to try to run for 5 minutes and walk for 1 and add another minute of walking if I find that to be too much.


I got measured today. I lost another 1/2 inch off my chest. It's a good thing my boyfriend doesn't like big breasted women or he would be disappointed. He's been amazingly supportive and continues to encourage me every day. I send him a little report every morning when I get into work and he always seems so impressed. It's really nice. I've actually inspired him to start exercising again. It's funny because there isn't an ounce of fat on his body, he's athletic looking but does almost no exercise. I hate him for that.


I've started counting calories on fitday.com today. I'm hoping it gets easier to use as I start populating my account with more of the foods that I eat. So far, it looks like my fat intake is too high, my protein intake is too low and my carb intake is too high. However, once I get away from all the tofu I've been eating and switch to beans, I'll see my fat decrease ... but my carbs will go up. What to do? I don't know.


I'm going to start posting a food journal on here too...


I made a giant stir fry for supper. It's 95% vegetables with 5% noodles. It's pretty big. I'm not full. I'm just too tired to eat. I'll try again soon.


My goals for tomorrow:


- 60 minutes of run/walk program

- stretch

- eat clean

- get enough rest


And that's all I have to say about that.

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Day 23


It's just past 7:30 in the morning and I'm already back from the gym. I managed to do only 20 minutes of my run/walk program and even at that I ran 3 and walked 2. I'm not sure if it was the voice of reason or the voice of sabotage that convinced me that running was bad for me. I then did 5 minutes on the ski machine and hated it. I did 5 minutes on the elliptical and decided to quit when I almost started crying. I feel pretty discouraged but also determined to shake this off and keep going.


I think I have to put running on hold. It will likely be easier after I lose 15 lbs. Maybe my knees will still be weak and complain but it might be easier with less weight on them. It looks like I'm going to suck it up and by a membership for the nearby hotel pool. I was resisting forking over the $50 a month but if I return my new running shoes, which don't seem to be all that great anyway, I'll have three months paid for.


I'm doing my best to put this deflated feeling behind me so I can take control of this situation and keep on doing what I'm supposed to do.


New game plan.


Running is out. Swimming is in. The high impact cardio is too risky for my knees. I'll still do walking hills at varying speeds but for now the running is on hold.


I'm going to make a list of everything I've accomplished in the last year or that's helped me live a healthier lifestyle.... I need to get myself in a positive frame of mind.


- I've been sugar free since December 26

- I've been completely vegan since April 21

- I've lost quite a few inches all over my body from weight training, cardio and watching what I eat

- I'm going to bed earlier and getting more sleep than I ever have before

- I'm making a conscious effort to practice what I preach and not sweat the small stuff, live in the past or worry about the future

- I'm allowing myself to put me first even if it feels a bit selfish at times

- I changed jobs when I was miserable

- I'm making an effort to be positive even when I don't feel like it

- I'm changing the things I can change, accepting the things I can't change and changing my attitude when that's the only thing over which I have control


I must go shower and get to my workshop this morning. I feel better after ranting and making a list. I love making lists!

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I love making lists too! But then I usually get discouraged after looking at it, and end up throwing them out lol. Anyway don't worry about the change from running to swimming. You have to do what works for you, and you have to find some activity you'll stick with too. I think the main reason people quit exercising is because they don't like what they're doing, don't change what they're doing, and instead stop doing any activity. Swimming will be nice too during the summer.

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You have to do what works for you, and you have to find some activity you'll stick with too. I think the main reason people quit exercising is because they don't like what they're doing, don't change what they're doing, and instead stop doing any activity. Swimming will be nice too during the summer.


I totally agree. That's why I'm making the switch. As I was doing my last run, I just kept feeling the aches and pains in my knees that weren't going away. I was mindful of my form, how I was landing etc. and it didn't feel very good. I realised at a certain point that this was unsustainable. If I injure my legs I'm screwed. I'm happy with my decision.


Thanks so much for the support! Even though I know I'm doing the right thing, a part of me feels like I'm quitting. Bleh.

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Day 24


I woke up this morning earlier than even before and made it to the gym later than ever before. I did my full-body program on a cup of tea and a few sips of apple juice. I ate enough last night that I felt like I could do my workout without eating. Truth of the matter is, I didn't want to waste time digesting before training. I will be so happy when my early morning course is over!!


I had a pretty good workout over all. I was half asleep when I got to the gym and I accidentally put 20lbs on the easy curl bar instead of ten. I did a few reps before realising what I had done... I thought I was just super weak today. Oooops!


Lately I've been feeling like the weight I'm using for my incline db chest press was too easy, 17.5lbs... I wasn't sure if I was ready to up them to 20. As I was staring at the weights one of the morning regulars came by. I asked him if he thought I could do 20. He said yes. I said, 20 for 20? He said, definitely. He also told me he knew I could do it because he's been watching me lift heavier stuff ... and was impressed. I don't consider it heavy but I guess compared to some of the others? I dunno. It was a nice compliment. I didn't need much convincing... just a little nudge. I did manage to complete the set but had to rest before doing the last rep. I was quite proud of myself after.


I love feeling strong. About a year ago I tried to do a chest press with 30lbs dumbbells. I did one rep before my trainer said, "Strong like bull" while faking an accent. I almost dropped the weights. I could've killed him but I was laughing too much. I wonder if that's why I like bull rows so much. I'm starting to develop calluses from doing them though. I'll have to start wearing my gloves again.


I'm tempted to train heavier for a while but I don't know if that would work for or against me. I must be crazy, I pay for advice from my trainer and I always try to invent things to complicate my life. :P He caught me doing my RDLs incorrectly and has banned me from doing them unsupervised! Yay! I feel like I've been let off the hook. I have no coordination. It's a miracle I've mastered my db curl/press. :P There's a reason I would never be caught dead in an aerobics class. :P


I'm taking tomorrow off from the gym. Theoretically, I should go in because of my shitty cardio workout yesterday but I am just too tired. I figure it's more worthwhile to rest and have a kickass weight/cardio workout on Friday. I plan to do enough cardio when I get to Toronto this weekend.


I've started getting ready for my trip and while looking for clothes to pack, I started trying a few things on. Things that didn't fit two months ago fit me perfectly now! That felt really good too! I dare say, I'm having a great day!!!


My goals for tomorrow:


- Decrease calorie intake (it's been climbing slowly all week today was 1750)

- Eat clean

- Enjoy rest day

- Prepare food for Friday (at least for train ride)


I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow night and I'm sooooo looking forward to it. I am going to bed early tonight too! It feels like I'm on vacation. Early to bed, an extra hour or more of sleep tomorrow and a massage! Wheeeee!

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Day 25 and 26


I did not have time to write last night when I got home at 8:30. I was in a state of bliss after my massage and had to pack for Toronto. I had a pretty good "rest" day from the gym but I ended up clocking an hour or more of walking yesterday. I used the google-pedometer feature and figured out that it totaled 4.5 miles. Yay! I didn't do it all at once but as I went from appointment to appointment.


I went to the gym this morning and had a good weight workout. My cardio was pretty lame. I didn't have much energy and my left quad is still giving me a hard time. I can't wait to start swimming again! I just returned my new running shoes at lunch and will put that money towards a pool membership when I get back from the long weekend break.


I've got some of my exercise for the next few days figured out. There's a yoga class in my future, a hike if the weather holds up and my brother's basement gym for Monday's weight training and cardio. Hurray for that!


I packed all my train food and have a mix of healthy and indulgent. I have to be more strict. Ugh. I don't know why I'm allowing this slippage. This is definitely something I should reflect on.


I also have to figure out what a "normal" calorie would be for me considering what weight I want to lose. I don't think I've eaten more than 1800 calories any day this week... I still have to track yesterday's and today's food on fitday. I'll do that tomorrow morning.


I hope everyone has a great weekend! For the Canadians, I wish you a great long weekend!!

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Day 30


What a crazy weekend?! I'm afraid to step on the scale tomorrow morning. Despite my best attempts to get my boyfriend to support the healthy eating, we did our best but fell short of my ideal goals. Ugh. I don't know if any of this will take a toll on me but I will find out tomorrow when I step on the scale and Thursday morning when I get measured.


We did manage to eat breakfast in every day and a few lunches and dinners. However, we somehow ended up going out for Indian food two nights in a row. He also bought this huge bottle of fresh soy milk and a package of frozen berries and made me lots of delicious smoothies. Aside from the three meals we ate out we ate pretty healthy. I can't really complain but I do feel like I consumed more calories than necessary. I am happy that I got his use of oil under control so that was good... I guess we'll have to take it one visit at a time.


I didn't get as much cardio done as I had hoped.


Saturday morning we went out to a park for my second soccer lesson. I learned two new kicks! I got a pretty good workout chasing the ball around. Sunday we had hoped to go for a hike but we were so late getting out the door and getting everything done that it just didn't happen. This morning I stayed home while he went to work, slept in and walked to the grocery store and back. That was a good 25 minutes each way walking quickly. The walk back was a little harder because of all the stuff I was carrying but it felt great to be outside and use my muscles a bit. The trip to the grocery store allowed me to pop by this yummy organic juice bar. I had a great mix of cucumber, celery, carrot, kale and apple juice. Yum! I was also able to pick up fixings for a yummy lunch at home, cooked by me, so I was able to control what and how much we ate.


I've got my gym notebook all ready for tomorrow. My workout clothes are on the chair in the living room (it's a strategy to make sure I don't accidentally go back to bed) and I'm ready to go lift some weights!!


At times I was feeling pretty out of sorts and restless, I realised it was because I hadn't been to the gym in too many days. My body missed it, a lot! I'm glad I have that as incentive again!!


Hopefully I'll be able to kick it up a notch after so much rest. Hopefully.


We'll see what happens...


Goals for tomorrow:


- Test limits at the gym

- Get pool membership

- Eat clean

- Get lots of rest


I often feel worn out after a weekend in Toronto. It's hard to keep up with my boyfriend's schedule and see my friends and family. I also don't get enough sleep when I'm there. We try to maximise the time we have together. I also hate coming back here without him. That is not fun. Long distance relationships suck but what's a girl to do when she's found the man of her dreams?


Off to bed I go!!

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Day 31


I woke up feeling like I hadn't slept in 10 weeks. The temptation to go back to bed and/or call in sick was fierce. I didn't give in. I made tea, drank water and took my time snapping out of my daze. It was rough going but I conquered my drowsiness and made it to the gym!


I did almost all of my workout as planned. I cheated myself out of the last five reps of my inclined db chest press. I just didn't feel strong enough to get past 15. To make up for it, I added 5lbs to my wide row and it felt good. I finished with 45 minutes of cardio and felt great after. Considering how I felt when I woke up only a few short hours before, it was a true miracle.


I ate pretty well today. I had three good meals. Probably had more oil than I should've given that I didn't necessarily prepare all the food I ate today but it was all vegan, sugar free and balanced. I ate a good mix of everything and feel satisfied but not stuffed.


I was thrilled to discover that I gained no weight over the weekend!


Tomorrow I get measured so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


I don't know what to expect so I'll just hope for the best.


I don't feel like setting goals. I just feel like going to bed now. It's definitely too early so I'm going to try being domestic and see what happens.


Today also marks my one month of being totally vegan! I gave up dairy a month ago today and haven't cheated once!! Yay!

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Thanks Hsorlando! I appreciate the support.


Day 32


I got measured today. I gained some on my bicep and lost a half inch off my waist. Everything else stayed the same.


I trained with my trainer today. We added some ab, back and calf exercises.


It felt so good to train calves again. I love the burn! I live for the burn!!!


I feel like I need to shake things up so I'm investigating the Body for Life program. I went to the library and borrowed the book. I also checked out the "Body for Life for Women" audio book. I'm half way through. I was able to listen to it while making dinner, cleaning the fridge, doing dishes and laundry. I think I might just be hooked on audio books.


I think in two weeks, when I train with my trainer again, we're going to decrease my reps and increase my weights. That might be the time to try the BFL program. We agree that I'm working harder now than I've ever done in the last three and a half years. He then outlined all my challenges: two health conditions that create insulin resistance, anemia and old injuries in my knees and elbows. He thinks veganism is a challenge but I don't agree. And despite all the challenges, I'm doing it.


At another time in my life, I might've felt super discouraged and really down but I didn't. I don't. I feel good. I feel proud for all that I've achieved so far. I feel happy for taking the time to put myself first. I feel healthier. It's all worth it. Whether I win or not.


I've made some huge lifestyle changes and have stuck with them over the years. I'm on the road to health. I just have to be prepared to take baby steps to get there in a sustainable way.


Things are heating up at work and that scares me a little. I will have to dedicate Sunday to food preparation so I'll be equipped to take all my meals to work in case I have to work late. My morning workouts are non-negotiable.


Tomorrow I'm going to try doing 20 minutes of HIIT on an empty stomach first thing and see how I feel. I would love to get out of the habit of eating before going to the gym. It sucks up time that I don't have and also adds calories to my day. I only started eating before training because I felt better. I'm going to see what happens tomorrow and Saturday.


It's almost bed time. I am looking forward to another 9 hours tonight.


I love sleep!!

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Days 33 and 34


Yesterday morning I tried the cardio program in the Body for Life program. I feel like I've been spending waaaay too much time doing cardio and not seeing any results. I find that the time I'm spending over-doing it on the treadmill and elliptical ruins the rest of my workouts. And so, I'm going to try to do a hyper-intense 20 minute cardio workout every day but my rest day. It will give me an extra 25 minutes minimum on weight days to add more core, ab and leg exercises.


I also tried doing my cardio on an empty stomach. It was much easier to do 20 minutes of cardio without food than 45 minutes to an hour of weights plus 40 minutes of cardio after. I must admit, I thought I was going to throw up after but I think that's normal... for me...


On another note, I'm toying with the idea of doing the Body for Life Challenge. The round three challenge starts the day my biggest loser contest ends. I know I can start it at any time as long as it is no later than June 30th but I like that the dates over lap. I might start it in another week or so... I'm just not sure if it will work if I don't follow the eating plan. The only thing I don't want to do is the six meals a day. I have been counseled against doing that because it doesn't give your organs a chance to rest in between meals. When I'm eating well and balanced, I never ever snack. It's really not a problem. I'm thinking of giving up flour though as my secret weapon.


Yesterday was a bad food day. I had cereal with raisins, almonds and almond milk for breakfast, udon noodles in miso soup for lunch with veggies and edamame. For dinner I had cheeseless pizza with pinapple, broccoli and green olives. I got almost NO protein. I can hear my bf now saying "There's protein in everything!" but not enough to make those carbs stick. Anyway, I woke up with a very yucky, throat. Thankfully, it's improving but flour, like dairy, can be a mucus producing food. Yuck. I think I might have to give it up.


I had a dream last night that I cheated and ate sugary desserts. In my dream, I felt so sick. I felt guilty and nauseous. It was weird. I guess it was because I spent the night at my 7 year old nieces' birthday party. There was cake and pie and I said no to it all. Not vegan and loaded with sugar. A real blessing for me but I hate seeing others put that kind of crap in their bodies AND feed it to their kids. I know I grew up on the stuff and I turned out okay but we know so much more these days.... In the case of my family, those kids eat really healthy for omnivores. When they are allowed to choose a treat at the grocery store, the opt for fruit and not junk. I'm not worried about them.


I'm rambling.


Today is my rest day. It wasn't supposed to be but I feel worn out and a little like I'm on the brink of maybe getting sick. I can't afford to do that right now so I'm taking the day to rest. However, my rest today will include a mad-dash to the grocery store, going into the office for a few hours of much dreaded catch up, getting my hair cut (Yay! Finally! An hour of relaxation!) and going to a BBQ at a friend's house. I know the BBQ will be fun but I'm feeling pretty anti-social at this very moment and would love nothing more than to cancel my day and stay in bed. The temptation is huge but not an option.


I'm off to start my day.


My goals, because I know I need to focus, are:


- Eat mindfully and clean

- Minimise stress

- Get to bed early tonight

- Prepare physically and mentally for a kick-ass workout tomorrow


Happy Saturday!!

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I have days that I don't eat as well as I should but it's usually when I haven't planned out that day well. Do you eat and then figure out your calories or do you measure your intake before you eat? I split my meals into 5 or 6 and eat every 2-3 hours. Otherwise, I would find myself too hungry at the end of the day.


You have an amazing tolerance for cardio. I hate passing the cardio machines to get back to the lifting area in my gym. They should be hidden somewhere from my view.


Have fun at the BBQ!

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Hey DV, I usually plan what I'm going to eat, first based on my nutritional requirements and calories second. I will always plan for more protein on weight days for after my workouts. I keep trying to count calories but I never seem to go much above 1600. I stopped journaling while I was in Toronto last weekend. I plan to start writing it all out again tomorrow.


As for the cardio, I actually like it but I'm getting sick of spending soooo much time in the gym. I need to fix that.


Day 35


Right before going to the gym, I sent my boyfriend a text message telling him that I was on my way to the gym to kick some ass. Well, I just sent him another informing him that it was I, who got an ass kicking. I dare say that was the worst workout of my life. I tried doing my planks and could barely make it past 35 seconds when usually I can do a minute 15. I only managed 15 reps on the incline instead of 20. I did only one set of my curl/press combo. By the time I got to the second half of my workout, I called it quits. I tried to do more legs and I just couldn't. I packed it in and went home after 45 minutes. I know I still did 45 minutes of weights but I feel really crappy for leaving early. I wonder if I could've talked myself back into it... my body just wasn't feeling it. Muscles were shaking early into the sets. I am so tired. Yuck.


I think it's time to drop the reps and change the program. I think I've had enough.


I'll try cardio tomorrow and see how I feel. I have a feeling I'm not eating as well as I should be. I think my veggie/green intake has been slipping. I will have to be more mindful this week. PMS is also rearing its ugly head, maybe I'm coming down with something... I just don't know.


All I can do is try harder next time and not let this get me down.

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I've had days when I've called it quits too. The body has a great way of letting you know when you need an extra rest. I always try to push myself, but sometimes I think it's better to just take the day off and recoup. This also happens to me when my diet is not as nutritous as it should be.

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Day 36


I think I'm fighting something. This can't just be PMS. I woke up with something gross in my throat and while it's much less this afternoon, it's still there. I almost didn't go to the gym this morning but I did my 20 minutes of BFL cardio. It felt okay. I'm feeling quite weak today and have been sleeping off and on. Stupidly, I've been checking work emails and have spent a large part of the day working. There is so much going on, I'm almost afraid to go in tomorrow. I think I might be stressed. I don't know.


I'm trying to eat really well today. I have to walk to the video store soon to return a movie. I think the fresh air will do me a lot of good. I must make sure I'm well prepared tomorrow, I don't think I'll be leaving my desk.


I've done everything possible to feel better....


-I'm getting extra sleep

-Drinking lots of fluids

-Eat smaller portions of healthy food

-Trying not to over do it


What's left? What more does my body want from me? If I could grab my body by the shoulders and shake it a bit, I might just ask it that question. I try to get enough rest, healthy food and exercise. I take it to a naturopath and give it the most natural treatments even when I can't afford it. I changed my diet around to suit its special needs, likes and dislikes. Seriously? What more am I supposed to be doing?


Patience. I need to have patience. Rome wasn't built in a day....


I'm going to reflect on having patience.


I'm going to go for my walk now... I think it's time to get out of here.

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Thanks for your comments and good wishes! I wish I could say I was feeling better but I'm not. At least I know what's wrong with me...


Day 37


I woke up this morning wanting to go to the gym. I was so exhausted but different from when I'm just sleepy and don't want to go. I was feeling weak and shaky. I went to lie down for a bit and realised that my body was in desperate need of a break. To be sure, I picked up my 10lb weights and started doing bicep curls. By the 9th rep, I was tired, really tired. I can usually do way more than that.


I made the difficult decision to skip the gym. There is always so much guilt around missing a work out but I knew today it was a good decision.


I went to work early and had an insanely stressful morning. I managed to get in to see my naturopath this afternoon and the face she made after looking at my throat said it all. It's infected. My lymph nodes are super swollen and I have stuff stuck to my tonsils. Yuck! I've got a list of stuff I have to do to get rid of it and a homeopathic remedy to take. I have to leave for the pharmacy soon. I want to get there before it closes.


I'm also supposed to rest. I do and don't want to follow that advice.


I was told that stretching or going for a walk would be okay. I ask you, what on earth would that accomplish? A walk? A walk? It's not like I can power walk... gentle stretching? C'mon... that's not exercise. It's barely yoga. Maybe a restorative yoga class would be good. We'll see.


I'm sleepy. Very sleep. I ate junk today. I wanted to treat myself. I got some vegan chocolate pudding. Yum. And some apple cake. Yum. Yum. I realise, it didn't make me feel any better. Ugh. Live and learn right?


I'm going to go now. It's now or never if I want to get to the store before closing. I think I will take a nap when I get back home. By then the construction workers who are making waaaaay too much noise, will be gone. I hope.


I'm getting measured tomorrow... Oy! Wish me luck!


Happy Tuesday!

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Day 38


I didn't workout at all today but I went to the gym to get measured at lunch. I lost a quarter inch off my hips and everything else stayed the same.


My goals for the week are:


- Get enough rest to fight throat infection

- Take all treatments/remedies

- Eat clean

- Drink lots of water/tea


I am wiped out. I did a lot of cleaning tonight and now I'm ready for bed.


I will have a long day tomorrow. I have tickets for the Sex and the City premiere and it will be a late night. Hopefully, I'll be able to nap before going out.

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