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Videos from Vegan Karaoke (4 forum members performing)


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I'm finally getting to these videos. Last night we held a karaoke party for a Try Vegan Week www.tryveganpdx.com fundraiser.


We had a good group in attendance including 5 or 6 forum members.


Here are some videos.......


It may take me a while to upload them but be patient because I have videos of CountAgranoff, xdarthveganx, oregonisaac and myself.


Here is one of my videos to kick it off (keep in mind I've been banned from singing in multiple places before):


Sorry it's so dark, poor lighting near the stage for filming.


















CountAgranoff and oregonisaac:




Former President of Northwest VEG Charley Korns (best one!):




Robert again (this time Backstreet Boys song):




CountAgranoff is Back in Black:




On to the women....who were much better!







That's it!


I hope to do another one of these very very soon! I loved it!

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We may be horrible, but it's for the animals. We raised hundreds of dollars


And it was sooooooooo much fun!


I sang the most, as many as 6 songs I think, and I suck the hardest.


I performed:


Like a Virgin by Madonna


I want it that way by The Backstreet Boys


Billy Jean by Michael Jackson


Summer of 69 by someone


Rock and Roll all night by Kiss


And maybe something else


There were some great performances throughout the night. oregonisaac won best male vocalist and nearly all the women were pretty good.

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Thanks. So funny that "horrible" is the first word that comes to mind for many of you


Don't worry, I'm in that same camp. I know we suck.


Speaking of that....I just posted a new one of me singing a backstreet boys song:




I think I heard someone in the background say they wanted to "throw up" as I was singing

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It looks like it was filmed on South Beach in Miami, FL or maybe Southern Cali


I can do a way better backstreet boys song......it wasn't one of the options though.


Sorry it was so dark, I was doing all kinds of sexy looks like the backstreet boys do.


My favorites are Charley singing Britney Spears Hit Me Baby One More Time and CountAgranoff singing Back in Black.



I already have a mullet....no need to get it back!

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Help....we don't need help. We rocked!


Now, we're Vegan Rock Stars (all videos are posted now in the first thread)









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Yeah, Isaac is really good. I could only film parts of a few songs because I wasn't planning on using my camera for video, I thought there would be a camera there, so I just used my regular digital camera for some video footage based on what space I had on the card.


Isaac was good; best male performer by far!


Even scarier than my clothes......I had them at home and grabbed them that night after watching the Kiss YouTube video. I have quite the collection of clothes from years of entertaining at events like this. I used to do lip sync performances for hundreds of people at a time....clearly singing is not my strength, but when I practice and choreograph some stuff, I can be a pretty good entertainer with dancing and my moves.


Really fun times.


I want to do karaoke for Vegan Vacation!

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Yeh Issac is pretty talented, is he a singer? I enjoyed his voice.


Robert, what can I say, that backstreet video was truly wonderful; gotta love the change of voice to the boy band tone for the song. I knew it was a good idea to hold off on the salad until I watched these clips or there would be salad spit up all over the computer.......


Great posts and i'm jealous of your pleather pants, they are way shinier than the ones i had on when i was in the public viewer's eyes!!!!

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