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xveganjoshx - you know you want it! 1000 times you want it!


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xveganjoshx - I've been watching you for weeks now! You've been sitting on 997-999 posts for days!


I'm just about to go kill my legs at the gym, so I wanted to welcome you to the 1000 post club since I see you online.


I have to be honest with you sir.........you are one of the main guys who got me back into bodybuilding....you, your friend Zack and a couple of others, really helped me get back into it.


Loved training with you over the holidays and hanging at the Arnold.


See you at V.V. III and the Olympia baby!


Great having you here on the forum........nice to see another bodybuilder every once in a while!


All the best my friend.


Welcome, we're happy to have you here.

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Yeah Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You made it baby!


Now.........let's see a lat spread for celebration! Back lat lights out spread!


Welcome sir. Take your coat off and put on the members only jacket.

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I was at that Olympia actually! I was cheering for Jay quite loudly and Ronnie was pulling out the stops on the mic.


That is the same year he said something like. "If Jay thinks he can win the Olympia, he's smokin crack!" on the microphone


Good ol' Ronnie, good ol' xvjx baby

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