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Vegan Joe's Progression

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Well I tried. I got to to the photo part and realized that my trypod was broken. Then I couldn't get the camera to work on delay timer.

Fiddled and faddled with it and finally asked some one to take one pic. Dang was bummed I only had one pic to chose from. As you can see my gutmuscle is the largest group (nothing like sticking it out) (damn) arms coming along nicely but will consentrate more on my lats and chest. Am I blushin. LOL

Oh yeah .

PS Just in case you were interested I told our son that the next time I would shave was when I saw him next, and the next hair cut I got he would give me.

When he was home on leave in Sept. he cut all my hair off (ALL). He is stationed in Baghdad, Iraq and we hope and pray to see him in August.




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You look great man. I do not know what to compare it to as I never saw before pics but it looks like you obviously train hard and eat properly.


I always marvel at the variety in your training blog. It is nice to see the culmination of that hard work displayed so proudly, as deserved.

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You're on your way to becoming a vicious mountain man!

I would better like it if I was on my way to a vivacious mountain man. LOL

Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts. I will train harder for you all (and me too) and hope to look more buffed in some future pics. Not so much worried about the gut at the moment, just increased muscle mass and strength. will get more serious about cutting when I have something to show, and it gets closer to my 55th B-day (Nov.).

Thanks again!

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