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is this bike any good?

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hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is a good used bike to get ? My girlfriend and I are cycling enthusiasts and we ride for fun, transportation, and are getting into short touring.




also, what about the pieces,


Dia Compe brakes, Sakae SA crank set, Shimano Deraileurs


are those good too? I don't know anything about them but I would like to learn!!!




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Its actually a very good bike. Old and heavy but very good. Thing is if things go wrong you're in trouble. The components that make the bike work are great but if your shifters die on you.....new replacement parts are very very cheap. If you want it to run as good as it does now you'll need to replace the parts with old parts and thats not easy to do. Unlike old cars...new bike parts for old bikes are actually made at a very low cost/quality. If you wanted a bike to tool around on this is a good bike...I wouldn't want to put the stresses of touring on those parts though...way too pricey to fix properly.

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thanks potter. i think she's going to get it today. Apparently it's been in a storage unit unridden since 1984, which is pretty crazy. We're going on a 30 -65 mile ride this weekend, and in june we are riding for 5 days on the bike virginia tour. We're gonna get new bikes before we do any big touring. i like this one




except for the leather seat.

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Thats a pretty cool bike...if you're every in Richmond though there's a place you can go for a decent bike for not a lot of money. Richmond Re-cycles is a cool bike shop that sells old bikes to the hipster crowd. They've got some good mechanics and their prices are great for what you get since they're actually a non profit shop. Honestly for touring....if you can't afford a carbon fiber, titanium or custom steel touring bike(most people can't) I suggest used steel. A new aluminum bike will beat your body up badly but a still one will be much more comfy. It'll be heavier but whats 4-5lbs when you're carrying tons of stuff anyway????

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