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New member, & some questions for you all


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Hi all, my name is Dan & I live in the UK, near London.


Was randomly searching online & found this forum!

I have put a post in the BodyBuilding/StrenghtTraining page as I am need of some serious advice, any help would be really great.


Didnt want to put it in here as this is only the hello page


PLease check it out & let me know your thoughts..

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Hey Dan Welcome! I posted on your bb section thread. Nice to hear your story and glad you're not going to listen to the hype of all those mags. If I listened to the crazy stories in md, specifically the article on the back cover every month when i used to read it, i'd be a steroid junkie and a drug addict popping x pills and shooting up extra roids during holidays to offset the extra food i would be eating, i kid you not, there is some crazy info out there. Find what works for you and stick with it. Take the good out of everything you read, process it and leave all that crap where it belongs.

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