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Just landed a journalism job for an MMA mag

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I just got a freelance journalism gig for an MMA magazine here in Utah. Interviewing fighters and doing articles and such.


So Ronnie and Trev, there may be points I may need your guys' help


Im a bit nervous. Ive been writing my whole life (have a novel that isnt published even) but never done much journalism.


New experience!


edit: He hasnt even seen my writing besides my cover letter and resume, so Im not sure if I will work for his style of writing. But my first article is due by the end of the month. Its on the CBS going primetime with MMA.

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Congrats...this is great....hopefully you can fill up you're time with an disproportionate number of vegan fighters.

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Congrats! That's awesome! I wish I was at a point where my writing was paying my bills, even one bill! I guess I choose to write for me still, but anyway... Yeah, if there's anything I can do, let me know... proof reading, whatever it is. Good work!





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I think the biggest learning curve is needing to learn every fighters name (sometimes i forget) and getting into the local fight scene here.


Trev: Thanks for the help. I found the job on craigslist, and normally, like you, I write for myself. Short stories, novels, poems... etc etc. But when I saw this I had to bite.


And if he lets me stick around, its a great experience to show on resumes to future employers.

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that is awesome news! congradulations!


i don't much about the Utah scene. i do remember Jeremy Horn has a gym is Utah, Elite Performance. Horn is a veteran of 100 MMA fights, so if you ever got a chance to interview him he would have a wealth of knowledge on it. also, the Machado's have a jiu jitsu academy, SLCBJJ, in Salt Lake City. the Machado's are cousins of the Gracie's and grew up learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from the masters, Carlos and Helio Gracie. they would be great to interview or just talk to and learn from.


this CBS thing is kind of a big deal. MMA going primetime on a MAJOR channel. it shows how popular it has become and at the same time it's going to expose this sport to a whole new audience. and they have got some seasoned veteran fighters (Jake Shields, Robbie Lawler, Nick Diaz, for example) who are going to be great to watch. i would just visit their website for all the info i could get.


i will help out any way i can, which is probably just sharing information. you will wanna visit some MMA sites too. Sherdog and MMA Weekly are two good ones. they are updated with news daily, and can be a great resource to learn what's going on in promotions all over the world. i would just stay out of the sherdog forums though. too many brats in there arguing, haha!

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Haha that would be cool. Probably not though. I do get free press passes to all the local fights and if any other fighting company comes to Utah for a PPV or something I get free passes there also.


I just wrote my first article thats due tomorrow. I hope its good

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Congratulations, that's so cool! My little brother (who is also vegan) just graduated with a degree in Radio TV and Film, with a minor in journalism, and he's looking for work right now, too. I'll send him this thread for some motivation. Again, congratulations! And I'm sure your article is great.

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Hey i thought you might be interested in this as well.




Its a volunteer position but its a great opportunity




Do you love to write? Do you love animals? Put the 2 together as a News Writer for the Best Friends Network! You'll work alongside professional journalists to put up stories that move people to positive action for the animals. Training and ongoing support is provided.


You'll work on your schedule from your own location. Internship, learning service, or community service hours can apply.


Apply online by visiting http://network.bestfriends.org/Communities/Volunteer/GettingStarted.aspx?g=e23df2694ece4d0c85060170c6d5bb41



* Regular access to the Internet and a personal email

* Ability to research and write news stories

* Willing to commit to a minimum of 3 stories per month

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