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i'm gonna be buff!

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gotta go to court for a speeding ticket in the morning.....petrified. i hate courtrooms.

You have to go to court for that ?

Here they just distribute a good spanking and let you go about your business.


Well, I didnt HAVE to go to court for it. But the officer said that if i went, she would try to getthe fine dropped if i go to traffic school. because my driving record is clean. BUT, as it turns out, the oregon is weird. (would thunk it?) and i had to put in a plea of not guilty, after saying that i AM guilty and looking for a plea bargain, and now i have to wait for them to send me a trial date.....really? a TRIAL? ai ai ai. whats worse, is it now looks like if they decide to NOT drop the ticket, then i get another $125 tacked on for court fees and such. so, do i pay the $190 (which i barely have because i just lost my job...) or hope they drop it and don't have to pay $315? hmmmmm.....


also, i am tired and cranky today because of having to get up so early for court. yuck.

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you know what just occured to me? I haven't updated this in a while.


Well, life is spledid! Lonely a little, but great. Giacomo and I moved to an awesome eco-community on a 4 acre farm that we all work on with chickens and children. it is fantastic. I cant wait til the sun comes out!!! I am still at home working on veganproteins.com Computer work isnt really my thing but it beats the shit out of serving people veal.


My diet has been super which i am stoked about. In fact i'm only 5 pounds heavier than i was when i started gaining all that weight and i didn't even diet. Muahaha! it CAN be done. anyway-been working out consistantly, weight training, walking a LOT, using the elliptical (damn you treadmill!), doing a lot of yoga and mostly HOOPING!


I just remembered that I posted a year ago that I was determined to learn how to hoopdance. And some thought I was crazy, which I'm not denying, BUT i learned to hoopdance. Very well actually. I make hoops, sell hoops, teach hoopdancing, hoop at street fairs. basically i eat, breathe and sleep hooping. Watch me make a job out of hula hooping.


anyway, here's a more dance-y less trick-y video that I posted on youtube months ago and forgot to show you all.


I'll make a new one soon with my new super-sick glow hoops. yessssssaaaa.

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Hey all! So I have totally abandoned you guys and I am SORRY! hahaha. stuff gets so busy sometimes you know?


So, what have I been up to. Well, I have two jobs. One is a professional hula hooper. The other is the co-owner of Vegan Proteins. Remember about 2 years ago when I said I was going to master the hula hoop?! TOLD YA!!! haHA!


BUT, all of these good things have led to slacking on my diet and working out without nearly as much vigor as I used to. And Giacomo (aka Lean and Green) has been in the same slump. So last week we decided to really dig our heels in. We acquired a copy of the p90x system and have been hammering it out. I don't really think p90x is the be-all-end-all that some people think it is. But it is intense. And it is certainly not boring. And it is pretty much everyday for 90 days, so it seems like a great way to kick start our motivation again.


We are also trying out the p90x diet, which we have painstakingly veganized. I am going to try and blog here frequently to post my weights and stuff like that.


We are also blogging it all over at http://www.veganproteins.blogspot.com , which is where our embarrassing before photos are. haha. It's a good thing that VBBF made me used to posting pictures of myself practically in my underwear 3 years ago, or I might just be too shy to do this.


I do have confidence that we'll make significant progress over the next 90 days. This is day 1 of week 2 and I am closer to doing an unassisted wide grip pull-up (one of my life goals! haha)

Day 1 stats:

Weight: 142.4

BF%: 21% (Giacomo and I both think this scale is off...although we're not sure which direction. but we will use it throughout for consistency)


Week 2 stats:

Weight 139.6

BF%: 20.2%



Weight: 130

BF%: 18%



How have you all been?! I've missed you!

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