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i'm gonna be buff!

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well, after about 4 months of ABSOLUTE MADNESS i think i'm back.


Lean and green and i have been SO SUPER BUSY since we moved to portland that i've barely had much time to be on vbbf.....hell we were too busy to even think about working out for about 2 months! But finally finally FINALLY we're kind of back in the swing of things and we've been going to the gym consistantly again and basically just loving every second of life, which is cool.


HOWEVER, due to all of my life-loving, i feel as though i have gotten very out of shape (most of this is in my head, i know) and i've been pretty bummed out about it in general. i wouldnt trade anything thats happened lately for the body that i was in in july, but still--its kind of a bummer to feel like i'm back at square one. I've put on about 15 lbs or so, and i wish i could say that it was mostly muscle--but alas, its not at all. The good thing is that i got my curves back!!!...but i dont want 'em anymore. they just make me feel fat now. hahaha!


but as RC would say-"I'm back in action making it happen"


I did a full body routine five days a week for about two weeks just to get my body acclimated to weights again. all of my weights stayed the same which is good because i dont think i lost much muscle. (except my left bicep--weak as hell--weird!) and i did a half hour of cardio daily for the first week then bumped it up to an hour a day for the second week. its a pain in the ass, but i can't stay like this for much longer without losing my mind.


The diet aspect is much harder, i feel likei had it down to a science before i went on vacation and then i got off track and havent really gotten back on. So i'm working on that again--I need veggieprincess ON MY ASS to drink protein shakes and stop eating oatmeal and yogurt STAT! hahahaha! yikes.


oh i also got a bike! even though i suck at riding it, i'm really excited to have it. and i played raquetball with giacomo last week which was really fun (o.k.--i played and ran around like a spaz, while giacomo put down his raquet and played with his hand cuz i was so bad. hehe.) overall things are looking up i think. I dont want to weigh myself for another week or so because quite frankly--i dont wanna know yet.


I'm glad to be back guys!

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just sent you a PM.


email me... I'm here for you whenever you're ready to buckle down and kick some ass!


(see that's what happens when you end up shacking up with a man who loves you and accepts you exactly as you are???.... you gotta be like me and go for emotionally damaged men who make you feel like you're never good enough! Terrible for the mind... great for the diet!! )

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This thread s me.


why oh why? what did i do NOW?



Dani, I know your pain. I have also gained weight (sorry, more muscle than fat) and am ready to start cutting. We can certainly get together to train and talk about diet!



sounds awesome to me! does that mean youre going to be doing ::insert scary dun dun DUN music:: cardio?

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does that mean youre going to be doing ::insert scary dun dun DUN music:: cardio?


Just as soon as the bird refuge trips are finished this week, I begin to focus seriously on adding some..dun, dun, dun, duuuunnnnn.....cardio. Yep, life will suck.

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Back in the gym about 5 days a week! Woo Hoo! (That only took 4 months )


The Good News: My lifts are still all just what they were, some even a bit higher which must mean all of my EATING made me gain muscle.


The Bad News: I still feel like a blimp.


I know its mostly in my head, but it's still frustrating! And now that i've made the commitment to dropping this 15 pounds back off me, i'm like "ok-disappear!" but i forgot its not that simple. When i first lost a ton of weight, i pretty much starved myself for a few months and it worked but it was just bad news, so i'm trying to do it correctly this time (i.e. slowly). I am really enjoying being back at the gym all the time. i didnt even realize just how much i missed it. I'm also enjoying getting my food back on track-which is definately the hardest part....sometime in august i told myself that eating carbs didnt affect me (wishful thinking???) and now i see that it DOES! hahaha. so cutting outa lot of the carbs i was eating is leading to CRAVINGS! remember the thread....carbs begets carbs.....well its true. and it blows.


DV? Why are we not going through this miserable time TOGETHER??? I will stand for this no longer. You will make me lift more than i think i can and i will drag your ass up onto that stair climber. no, seriously i just wanna go workout with weights that actually help me progress ( [email protected] )


I also went on my first bike ride on my "new" bike and it was really fun, except that giacomo thinks i want to be some kind of cycling racer and was about a quarter mile ahead of me on his road bike while i pedaled furiously and angrily behind him on my heavy-ass hybrid....put an end to THAT pretty quickly.


ok-yesterdays workout- (I'm trying to remember it because my book is in my car)



Widegrip Pulldowns

warm-up 60x10

1. 80x12

2. 85x10

3. 87x9 (with a hold at the end and a slow negative)


T-Bar Rows (how you mock me)

warm-up barx12

1. bar+10x10

2. bar+10x10

3. bar+10x9 (hold, slow negative) WHY ARE THESE SO HARD??????


One Arm DB Row

warm-up 15x10

1. 30x10

2. 30x9

3 30x9 (hold, slow neg)


Close Grip Pulldown


1. 80x12

2. 80x11

3. 80x10 (hold, slow neg)


Seated Row ( I focused a lot on making it a two part move with the first part being to sit up and lean back slightly using only my lower back to pull the weight, 2nd part being the actual row) (oh, and i suck at these)


1. 70x10

2. 70x10

3. 70x10 (last one was WEAK)


ok, so based on this, i think its the middle of my back that is weakest...? I'm not quite sure how to work this up. just do more of the moves i suck at i suppose.


also 20 minutes of interval training (was pressed for time. work called me in early) on elliptical. hr between 130-155

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Dani, it would be an honor to go through this grueling 15 lb fat loss with you. That's the same number I'm shooting for! We may lose some strength but it will be okay since we'll look better than Giacomo in our biking shorts. Okay, maybe not, but we'll come close.


When the weather is warmer, you can bike ride with the hubby and me. We're all about the scenery.

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I too have a love/hate relationship with cardio, ok it's mre like 10% love/90% hate, but you gotta do what you've gotta do!


I also have decided that I need a bike. Especially when I move back Downtown. So many people at my gym that live DT ride bikes there, and I'm getting jealous. So what kind of bikes are best, I don't want to buy a bike that's gonna suck, but I also am not veganpotter!

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Hi Sweetie


You are the most lovable, beautiful person in the whole wide world

I had a great time chatting with you last night. I was up real late !!! lol

Thanks for being there with me.


I was chatting to someone about joining Cross Fit Classes.

Your named popped in my head and I'm like my girl Dani is hard core. Perhaps you want to ditch the painful cardio, and weights.

And instead you can gain and achieve strength, power and endurance training all in one. HMMMM

Just imagine what we can achieve


Check out how ripped these females are. It's very motivating... !




OMG I was just imagining doing this with you... We could have so much fun laughing and high fiveing one another






Would you be my Partner in Crime. ?

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i like circuit training as it turns out. I used to do it before when i first started losing weight and now that i'd like to lose weight again-i find myself circuit training again! And i wasn't really looking forward to it, but once i started doing it, i freaking loved it. Zero rest in between sets, so just-BOOM sweat everywhere. followed by an hour of low intensity cardio. I made it to the gym five days this week already, which is good because i'm a double fri and sat at work.


I don't know if i have lost a pound yet-BUT-I can finally see my muscles again. thank god. (or vp!) which is awesome. I'll be back where i was at in no time. ::crosses fingers::



Diet has been on track. It's rough, but i'm getting used to it again. i made seitan with DV the other day and she gave me half of it.....i'm pretty sure it will be gone by tomorrow. now i have to make more! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. Buffalo seitan anyone? YUM!

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