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i'm gonna be buff!

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so everytime i write a blog entry...something happens and it gets deleted.

anyway, i caught giacomo's cold, not quite as badly (good ole cooked food protected me ) Up until getting sick i had been doing great! Gym5 days a week at least, counting meals lotsa water yadda yadda yadda. awesome. we have no scale, but i am guessing that i had lost about 4 pounds. now i'm sick. craving comfor food and pms-ing. bah. I cant wait to be rid of this god awful cold.


Now to clean the house.


Oh and on a side note LnG and i defied death today. Due to my absent mind and trying to catch an exit last second, we hit gravel, i COMPLETELY lost control of the car and with in a matter of second we hit the cement rail and almost did a full 180 across two lanes of highway traffic, both of screaming....the entire time. does that paint a picture for you?? it was arguable one of the scariest moments of my entire life and i didnt stop shaking for hours.


now here's the interesting part-no one one was hurt and my car didnt have a scratch on it. not one. i shit you not. something's looking out for us.


i'm never driving again.

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oh my gosh!!!!!! I hope you two are ok.


You might want to have your car looked at just in case there is damage underneath. I once was in an accident where someone hit me from behind and pushed me into the middle of an intersection. At first I thought there was no damage. The next day looking underneath the vehicle the frame of the vehicle was bent. Also the bumper had no exterior damage but the inside (Styrofoam) was crushed. You have a guardian angel looking out for you.


Get well soon!!!!

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Giacomo works at a gym!!! Now I get to go visit him and i'll never wants to leave. Also I got a job over 300 other fully qualified applicants as a head bartender for a restaurant opeinging up win west linn (read: a very rich town) so i'm pretty psyched about that (also nervous-its a lot of responsibility!! first day is tomorrow, where there gonna hand me alist of people who wanted my job. now i have to call them in and interview them for lower positions--and i'm about a decade younger than the average applicant, so i can expect to catch a lot of shit for it, i'm sure. but hey-YEAH BUDDY! when you got it you got it.


As far as training goes, in addition to lifting, which i've been mixing it up between my circuits and lifting heavier, i've FINALLY unpacked my hoop (yes-a hula hoop) and been dancing with it again. it is low intensity but if you can do it right it is actually good cardio (not like running is for certain, but its tougher than you would think) and it BEATS THE HELL out of staring at the clock running on a treadmill.....but i've been doing that too.


Diet has been on and off for months but it has been 100% all week. drinking a gallon of h2o daily and i am taking a zinc supplement at zacks reccomendation also to help get rid of my GOD DAMN ACNE!!!!!...hopefully as spring comes the sun helps it out too.


Winter feels like its coming to an end, which is SO WEIRD to me and in new england, winter lasts for six months so i am THRILLED! its been sunny for a week straight (yes, this is a big deal in portland) and i will be riding my bike soon as well.



I benched 30s yesterday!!!!!!

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Congrats on the new job Dani!!!!


I remember when you were bartending before you were really "in-the-groove" packing your cooler full of food so you can get your meals in. Maybe this is exactly what you need. To be back on a work routine again. And you have your days to workout I'm assuming. NICE! You deserved a break.


Hula hoop for cardio. LMAO. How long can you keep it up for? That is funny. Uhm, okay... as long as you get in a good 20 - 30 minutes without stopping. ha, ha.


Send me an email... and food logs!

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How long can you keep it up for?




haha jk.


i could keep it on my waist for hours! thats not the hard part and that wouldnt make my heartrate budge.

its hooping around the knees, chest, neck, arms, shoulders, and everything in between that's work!


actually it was this girl who inspired me to start doing it-at this festival-three years ago. i love it!



that probably gives you a better idea. since most people will be thinking of little kids gyrating away! haha

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i know isnt it beautiful!!!! I love it. I'm kinda addicted! my goal is to be that good. i can do all the tricks and stuff, but putting them all together and making it flow is pretty difficult. Making hoops is super easy and there are about a million tutorials on youtube. and IYM, men that can hula hoop are HOT! most guys are scared too, but there are a million different things to do with a hoop. isolations look like this if you get really good at them:


although not quite the workout that spiral does...you know that looks awesome!



tasha, i'll try to get the cell pics on the computer! it was good to see you yesterday!


i went to the gym last night and RACKED THE WEIGHTS for cable sissy squats. (it was only 200lbs) but i was happy. then i did hack squats working my way up to 90 pounds. did seated calf raises and dumbell glute kickbacks (which always makes me feel ridiculous, but hey it works!) follwed by an hour of cardio on the treadmill. just walking on a 10-12% incline at 3mph.


and of course, the hooping!

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You're doing amazing. I just wanted to say I dont even know you, but am totally happy for you and proud. Fitness is a sometimes a lonely journey, and definately being vegan and a girl, its a little rough out there. However, kudos and congratulations are in order! Keep at it, you're amazing.

- Alyx

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Oh, and I went through a 6 month period of horrible acne all of the time about a year and a half ago and the ONLY thing that worked for me was a tube of 0.5% Salicylic Acid that I bought at the 99 cent store.


I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. And then someone recommended straight Salicylic acid and it automatically went away within a week. No joke. 6 months. Dozens of methods. This was the magic cure for me.


I'll even tell you the brand if you PM me and want to give it a shot. You can't go wrong for 99 cents

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