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My bands EP is out!!!!!

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It's on the shitty myspace player now. We're apparently starting to sell them this Friday so if anybody wants me to mail em one we're selling em for 2 bucks a pop(not including shipping). I'll let you know more info about that if anybody wants to buy one.


But for now just go to our Myspace and check it out!!!!




p.s. I'm also on myspace now so add me...




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Yeah we get along great. Unfortunately after this show on Friday I can't play with them anymore because I'm transferring to another college. No big deal though, I love them all and they're still my friends, plus we already found another drummer to take my place!


You should read the story about how we formed if you think our nicknames are funny!

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That's great you found people to play with (with similar creative directions and all). I'll listen later.


You could put your music up at soundclick.com for free. (Unlimited songs). The sound quality is better than that crappy myspace player.


..I mean you can put upload it/join for free. You can charge people to download there if you want.

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