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Long Term Food Storage - Mormon Style

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This is a great video I found today. It's not a how-to video, more of a collection of examples of real families and their different food storage styles, including tours of their storage areas.


I much prefer the method of storing food that you use on a daily basis and then "shopping" from your own supplies. Going to the supermarket then becomes a routine of re-stocking your supplies and adding perishables like fresh veggies.


I'm not impressed by the people who had cans of wheat stored since 1995. The food when packed properly will be just fine, but the people aren't going to know how to use it. Why store food that your family doesn't eat? Some children will actually starve themselves rather than eat food they don't like or eat the same food day after day.



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A copy of this was given out at The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints, the Sunday before last.




The LDS church is a great resource for food storage and disaster preparedness info. I like the weekly shopping list culminating in a full stock of emergency supplies. So many people think they can't afford to be prepared, but all it really takes is buying a little extra each week. Hopefully that continues to be the case, but who knows what the rest of this year will bring, it looks a bit ominous.

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