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Official list of confirmed attendees


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This is going to be awesome!


This list represents the lodge part of Vegan Vacation.




Lean and Green











If you're on the list and you're NOT coming, please let me know of my error.


Likewise if you've committed to the event and don't see your name here, please let me know and I'll update it.

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Thanks and no prob....she'll be home later tonight to get back to you.


V.V. is one of my favorite times of the year! Truth be told, I'm waiting until the last minute too....I don't want to reserve a room if others want one....I think I will get a bunk too....so I'm doing it today as well.


I joked with Jessi that there will have to be a separate bunk for gassy people like me.


We may have themed bunk areas for fun, a cycling one, a women's one, a farting one, a go to bed early one, a party one, etc. I just thought of them now, but you never know what happens when you get there.


Last year was pretty crazy, people sleeping on floors, couches, the beach, in the laundry room (me), etc.


But it was great!

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Let's keep this list growing!


Invite your myspace and facebook friends or friends who already live in Portland.


We'll have a great group regardless and this may be the best opportunity for group bonding too, as it is a bit smaller than last year.


But we're still open to more people!

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Everything is still in the works.


I'm totally set on just one organized event each day in Portland.....the last two years of 2 or 3 events a day in PDX proved to be too overwhelming.....one event is best.


I'm thinking:


1. Tour of Portland....vegan hot spots and other tour spots that are cool


2. Potluck, party with the community of PDX as we've done each year


3. Something in Nature


4. Something random like dancing, field trip, theme park,


5. Weight training of course!


I return home tomorrow and I'll keep working on things.


It will all be GREAT! No worries there

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Great idea! I'm in pretty good shape now too so I'm all over putting on the trunks!


Keep the ideas coming. I'm home for the next 4 days then leaving again, but after that I think I'll be in Oregon until V.V. III....unless something comes up that drags me away....note, I may miss the first day due to another trip over in New Orleans....


But V.V. will rock...more people are signing up too, which is great!



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We have a smaller list this year, around 1/2 the size of last year. The forum has grown by hundreds of members over the past year but so far participation seems a lot lower this year.


There is a lot of talk about the economy playing a factor as well as just other summer plans many people already have. We'll still get a few more and we have a bunch coming for just the Portland part, though I think the group housing is really the most fun.


We'll get 20-30 for the core Portland group for the 2nd part of the week so that will be cool and we'll be just fine with the 10-15 at the cabin. It should be quite cool.


If you do want in, there is very little space left (we chose a smaller cabin) so please contact Jessifly asap and send in payment if you are indeed coming.




See you soon!

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matt and i are going to need to take off on the 21st, so if anyone has plans to roll out from awhile, we could snag a ride, otherwise we'll catch a cab. this also opens up an extra night or two at the cabin for someone to go paid.

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Hey my wifes friend whos coming on sat wants to go to Mt. Hood on Sunday. Will it be worth it to go?


That depends on what she wants to do there{link}. That's not the best site but it gives you an idea of hikes, etc. Timberline Lodge is where the movie "The Shining" was filmed, so it's a popular spot to visit. Depending on your time flexibility, you could also see some of the gorge and maybe hit a few spots on The Fruit Loop.

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