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Fantasy Eurocup

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I started a group on espn.com you just go to the website, find fantasy, then soccer or eurocup, then click where it says pick the winners, and search under groups for Timbers Army. OR if you get lost post your email on here and Ill send you an invite to the group. Cup starts June 7th.


Go Poland!



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4 teams left, who will take it. The Germans are my least favorite team but I would say they are looking the best out of who is left. I had to root Poland at the start, they did aweful.. So I started backing Netherlands who stomped France, Italy, and Romania but then some how didnt have what it takes to beat Russia.

So its Germany, Russia, Spain, and Turkey. The Turks are weak cuz of injuries and penalties, I guess I have to pick some body to keep it interesting, I'm going for Spain now I guess.


Anyone else been watching?

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