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Identity theft sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so does having fraudulent charges on your debit card.


Ooooh, I totally agree !

I had massive problems when i moved ino my present place last December, because the last two lots of tenants were from one family, and were insane vandal-bums and also serial/career scammers with an eye towards identity theft.


It all seems to have turned out okay in the end, and fortunately the people next door knew them through coincidence, and are decent folk to speak to etc, so we all successfully managed to bring an entire rubbish-tip worth of their disposed-of crap round to the scammers' house and dump it all over their living room floor (complete with lots of nice rat droppings in among the junk from the loft) ... it was seriously masses. I was completely demolished for a long time afterwards, trying to recuperate....


The stuff moved included 75 binbags of assorted crap (including tastefully destroyed video tapes and DVDs since I had no intention of actually giving them anything they actually WANTED) , a huge mouldy sofa, a huge mouldy double mattress and broken bed frame, a manky old kids' slide which was half-buried in the garden when I moved in, and lots of random nasty shit which they had kicking about (ie random chunk of lead piping, broken shoes , mouldy clothes, etc) , I got some amazing pictures of most of it.... it's phenomenal that we managed to get it all shifted in the end.


We also successfully got the Hydro hounding them for the £800 which they tried to craftily slip onto my electric metre (and we might not even have even known, except for that in major paranoia mode i opted to get the thing changed over to a normal non-metre system ASAP after moving in... and the Hydro told us about that being set up on it then, having been transferred over as debt from the bums' previous house)


The long and short of it is, I've had a similar but different experience.... these guys, they could have been stealing cards from people like you , to pay for their first payment on hire purchase stuff before flaking out and going AWOL with their 'free stuff' ... while living somewhere decent like here makes you want to barf (preferrably all over them), doesn't it.



I haven't turned on my television in 3 weeks! It's summertime, time to be out and about.


ooooooh, it;s so true.


I don't have a TV but do rent out assorted DVDs.

I can;t go roaming about or anything, since I'm fairly immobilised with having M.E and being in such an isolated place and all, but even I have found myself collecting a big backlog of stuff I'm meaning to watch..... because instead of those looooong dark days we have in Winter, there's been a decent bit of sun around which makes me want to go outside to sit in the garden with a book, or my laptop, or with computer games to play, or just sitting around a lot chewing the cud and enjoying the amazing scenery here.





Astrocat, those cartoons are cuuuuuuuuuute. Reminds me that my friends all call me the pirate because i have a bird and my hair and all. There was this one guy when i used to work in an office and everytime he saw me he would go ARRRRRRRRRR.


haha ! Aren't they great ?


I first encountered Pon & Zi only a few months ago, and at the time I was trying to figure out how to combine a 'Learn to draw Chibi Manga' book , myself , and concepts which I had for profound and cute psychological cartoons.


So when I saw Pon & Zi being such cute little emokids, everything became clear

So far, I've only made one of the cartoons up properly...




heh while posting at Gamespot I, and others, have noticed that the place seems to be slightly infested with attention-deficient morons ... with anything which is remotely lengthy in any way very commonly being dismissed by various posters as being a "wall of text" .... so you might make a nice, meaningful post which is informative yet concise as a positive and constructive contribution to the discussion, then they come waddling up an open their daft traps to honk out "wall of text" before scuttling off.


Fortunately, i can metamorphose into a strange creature who thrives on their asshattery.


so, I merrily made an ascerbic and profoundly psychological, yet whimsical, cute and accessible cartoon based on this particular aspect of human nature.....


I call it, "Why dissers don't get the girls"



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cute kids in costumes are running around Boston looking for Candy and I'm getting ready for the largest vegfest in the country tomorrow.


I already picked up Gold's Gym passes for me and RAINRA who's making a long trip out here just for this event.



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I more often then not just don't use plates. I get a stainless steel pot which I cook in, then once the food is done I'll eat straight outta the pot( With a fork or spoon of course ). and if I plan on using it again later. Just rinse under hot water and put away. Presto. It's good to go. I also would use the same fork and spoon too. Just rinse under hot water, put t the side( Away from everyone else's silver were ) and when I'm ready to cook again. Boom. It's there to go.

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"she like where you goin I ain't got my shoes and purse

I said it's none of your concern and she yelled (your a jerk!)"


This song is so dumb, but I dig it. Maybe it's cuz I always think of the way girls play-hit you when they call you a jerk, whenever that happens it always makes me lol.

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