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Heterosexual shirts - the challenge


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OK, here's the deal:


I was wearing my super cool tank top here and some people (well, at least one) found it somewhat amusing. We had more cool shirt shots here.


I challenge you to take pictures of your most heterosexual shirts. I open the game with this:




Disclaimer: the contest is not about discriminating homo shirts. If you want, feel free to enter with any sexually oriented shirt. And most of all, do not take any of this seriously.


edit: typo

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ARIGHT TUC! We all know you were calling me out. Unfortunately I do not have many hetero shirts as they wind up getting ripped apart after wild and crazy nights lol


anyhow, I do have a couple to answer back with. I may have to go find some as I fear you are going to run away with the title on this comp....



My cousin from Italy gave me this one. I used to go out with this girl that I dated and her friend and all three of us would have the number '3' on our shirts. I kinda wish I had some pics of that. I'll look around. Gotta love how tight fitting it is. Probably b/c my cuz was half the size of me and it fit him tight. Go Hetero!


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Hm, I can't decide which is manlier:




Or the beer shirt (the Wal-Mart bag is from my mother):



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This is a lot tougher than I thought. I'll have to find my sexually confident Love Parade shirt from the 90's to match up since the playboy tank top is a bit dull after all.


Great pics guys, you look very manly!

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This is the actual post that lead to this thread, I believe.




My triceps aren't that great but I'll join the contest anyway. I'll take better pics later on before the deadline (with new hair & even more heterosexual shirt if possible)...


It was for the triceps contest entry.


I commented that I loved the shirt afterwards.


I think the pun was made for men who wear shirts that weren't 'manly' in a sense. I don't think that it had anything to do with gay vs straight. If you think about it there are manly and pretty type in straight men as well as gay men so i don't believe that was what the joke was all about.


Do I really know what tuc meant? Nah but I just thought the shirt was cool. Would I wear it or the one I posted? Absolutely, why not? I'm sure tuc will explain what he meant as soon as he reads this thread again.


Also he wrote a waiver in the beginning that it was all in jest just in case people read into the thread the wrong way so as to not offend anyone.

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Yeah, I am quite far from the manly type and I am straight. Like Lean and Green said, the thread is just for a little bit of fun seeing pictures of guys wearing stupid stereotypically manly shirts (beer shirts, shirts that may be slightly misogynistic, etc.). It certainly isn't meant as anything serious or to offend.


One shirt that comes to mind that is a perfect example of this is one (intended for overweight men) that says: "Vaginas (it uses another word, but I know some are offended by certain terms for the female genitalia) are higher in calories than you think" or something along those lines.

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What is this about????


Are there straight and gay t-shirts?????


Don't catch the point of this.

Yeah, I don't understand this either. Not trying to hate, but I really don't get what this is about.


Yeah, I'm not sure either.

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Yeah there are Gay T-Shirts. My Old Tank Top got hit on at the mall by a Polo T. Unfortunentally My Tank Top didn't share the same prefferences as the Polo T. Talk about an awkward situation.


At least you didn't have a very overweight very drunk very creepy looking gay man at the gay pride parade grab you and scream in your face "ARE YOU GAY???"


That was shocking, and it pissed my gay buddy off who I was with because he didn't get any attention.


I should post a pick of me wearing my vagina monologues t-shirt.

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