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hi from brooklyn! total newbie here.


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hey everyone!


i've been lurking a bit, and found this place after watching the vegan fitness dvd. actually, it goes like this. listened to erik marcus's podcast with brendan brazier, bought and read the thrive diet, watched vegan fitness, researched on the internets, found this place!


anyway, i've been vegan about 10 or 11 years now, started off in the hardcore/straight-edge scene and went from there. i've been kind of a junk food vegan for the past decade, with on and off bouts of "going raw" to try and get healthy. i used to be into mountain biking and road riding, going to the gym, etc, but haven't done anything besides yoga in the past 5 years.


well, i'm here for support, knowledge, help, therapy - haha, and to just get back the life and body i used to have. i'm 29, about to get married, ready to start fresh.


well i started a little food blog, and trying to keep that up as much as possible. it's here: http://jessibot.blogspot.com/ if anyone is interested in checking it out.


well, that's all for now!

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Welcome to our TEAM!


Great to have you here. Awesome that you learned from Brendan Brazier. He is a guy I learn from on a regular basis and a guy who is a role model for me and a good friend.


I hope you enjoy our community.


All the best and welcome aboard!

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whaddup jessibot!? Big welcome to another fellow brooklynite! Where abouts in bklyn do you reside if you do not mind me asking? As for myself I live in bensonhurst, near gravesend and coney island.


I read your blog, how was the veggie pride parade? I would have loved to go but today was my mother's 50th bday party and i spent the day with the fam and stuff obviously.


If you ever wanna hook up for a training session or come to a pot luck or something, i'm game!


Glad you found this place and there is more than enough support and info here you will find, i'm sure.


The dvd was great, I enjoyed it as well......

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