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fitness routine

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My routine is anything but routine......I never have time to plan workouts like I did before...so I just go to classes whenever time permits.....I love spinning, abs kick boxing and hard bodies!! Pilates and yoga are cool but only after a good hour of cardio.


Today I had a meeting at work that interfered with my normal hard bodies then spin routine....so I just did spin...but it was the hardest class of my life.....different teacher different expectations 45min no breaks maximum resistance....I felt Like I was going to die...but in a good way



I went to sweet tomatoes for dinner and probably ate back all the calories I burned...I love carbs and they had a really good vegan potato dish that I went nuts on. my meals were really sporadic because of work and meetings I ended up eating grapes soy crisps and tofutii pops for lunch ...not a very good lunch...and like a cliff bar. I ate the same breakfast I always eat peanut butter banana and English muffin...I would die without peanut butter...boy does anyone really read this....it seems boring... what I had for lunch...LOL... I will try to think up something more interesting then my obsession with peanut butter

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Journals are great! Not only for your own recollection and accountability but to help you learn from yourself, open yourself up to feedback from others which can be helpful and they work as a source of inspiration for readers and other members as well.


Yay more Orlando people!

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Actually a lot of people will find it interesting lol. I feel the same way when I post my meals so for the most part I just post my workouts.


Proper meals are really important if you're going into workouts. It is also a matter of self discipline.

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