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I'm Coming To Portland!


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Sorry I didn't respond earlier.....pm me and you'll get all you'll want to know about Portland


check out:






www.happycow.net (Search Portland)


There are also about 40 forum members here in town, so we hope to see you.


We work out at 24 Hour Fitness. I'll be working out with DV tonight at 6PM downtown.


If you check this in time, please PM me. I live with a house full of forum members and we'd love to have you over.....plus for some reason, nearly everyone who visits gets a Vegan Bodybuilding shirt and some Vega....we just love visitors from our forum!


Have fun!

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Hey Guys! Thanks for the outpouring of advice and info! I just spent half the day bouncing around Portland and I love it. I can't imagine what people must have thought of the crazy little blonde girl going from store to store at the vegan MiniMall on Stark and 12th.


San Francisco and Berkeley have a good amount of vegan establishments, but Portland has a much higher concentration and more variety.


I'm thinking of getting a tattoo while I am up here. I either want to get a "V" like the World Vegetarian Society logo or a leaping rabbit/bunny. Not sure if I'll be here long enough to do that though.


My mom and I ate at Blossuming Lotus today, which was expectedly super fab!


More updates to come!

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Get in touch if you want me to organize a forum-member meet-up. We usually do that when members come to town and can generate a handful of people up to almost 15 even last minute with only hours notice


Glad you love Portland.


When I was in L.A. and Orlando I fell in love with both cities, but Portland truly is "home" for me.


If you want to train sometime, let us know. A few of us workout together sometimes.


All the best and have fun in PDX!

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