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Cabin Deposit due soon! (May 22nd)


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That is great. It helps out the organizer (Jessifly) so much! I organized the event the past two years and it can be a headache to deal with all the payments, details, arrangements, etc. and she is doing a beautiful job and she's so polite, patient and organize (which is why I got her to take over). She's also an amazing woman!


I look forward to seeing many of you soon!

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Today is the day! Deposits are due!


Deposits are starting to roll in fast, so thank you everyone for responding!


Also full payments on room reservations are starting to come in too!


You can check what has been reserved so far here:



and you can check confirmation status of members here:



I am off to work for the day so I won't be updating again until tonight but reservations will be applied on first come first serve according to when total amount is paid via paypal ([email protected])


Thanks everyone!

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Things are coming along well. I talked with Jessifly this morning and we're happy to get more and more deposits and people committing to the event all the time


Thanks and please remember to get your info and payments sent in asap.


See you this summer!

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THANK YOU to the following people for your respectful communication and timely payments, I appreciate it it very much




Lean and Green








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Hey Froggy, I'm here to help lift your heart up. You're doing an amazing job organizing this and you're so patient and understanding. I organized the event the past two years and know how scary it can be when the deposits for the house are due and there isn't money there.


I'm sure it will all work out, just as it has the past two years. I can even make an extra donation/payment just to cover some costs to make sure we get the house and then as people join in last minute I can get paid back a bit.


There are a bunch of regulars who I'm sure will get signed up asap; people like:









and others


Some people may not have checked their e-mails lately or are waiting for a paycheck and will have payments within a couple of days....that is how it was last year too. So even though it is stressful now, it will all work out because you're doing a wonderful job and doing ME and OUR COMMUNITY a huge favor by taking on this huge task as organizer.


Thank you sincerely.


For those who haven't submitted payments....it really is important. Last year I had to take out a loan, donate $500 of my own money, etc. to cover initial costs. I know a bunch of you plan on being here so please make arrangements and payments so we can get the housing part squared away with our deposit.



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Thanks Robert! I am feeling much better about things after a good night sleep. I actually think I got so stressed because I've had a frustrating week all-around and getting worried about making the cabin deposit just topped it all off.... but I know you are right, things will work out!! However, I really really don't want you to have to put down money up front (you are still owed so much from last years VV!) What it comes down to is, like you have told me before, this event is either a priority for those interested or it is not, and if it is not that is just fine. It was my intention to have the cabin squared away before I leave to Colorado next week but as things have happened I am just going to go ahead a take a break from working on VV08 until I return in a couple weeks. Depending on what happens as far as commitments and deposits I will either put down the cabin deposit when I return or start from scratch looking for a smaller place. Either way there is still a lot of really fun things planned and it will be an awesome time for all!

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