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Four Tips to Thrive on a Plant-Based Diet - By Luke Tan

In order to thrive on a plant-based diet, what one needs to focus on is nutrient-dense calories from whole plant sources. Based on my experience, this is what I have found works for me and for the clients that I’ve worked with.

My Different Approaches to Nutrition- By Marcella Torres

It may be shocking or banal, depending on where you are in your fitness journey, but here it is: there are no special foods or special exercises for female athletes. The foods eaten and their quantity, the exercises included in workout routines - these things are determined solely by your goal as it relates to where you are currently and by your preferences...

Are Plant Proteins "Complete"? - By Derek Tresize

A complete protein is a protein which contains all nine of the essential amino acids that the human body needs and cannot make on its own. By this definition, every single plant protein found in nature is complete. In fact, the only protein I've been able to find which does not contain all of the essential amino acids is gelatin - an animal derived protein!...

Dietary Protein - How Much Is Optimal For Longevity? - By Derek Tresize

The daily recommendations for protein intake vary incredibly widely across the board. All these conflicting guidelines can be very confusing, but given that our goal is to find what will result in the longest lifespan, and the evidence that too much protein can shorten lifespan, a low recommendation is what we should be expecting to find...

Healthy Fats - By Mindy Collette

Here I am going to give a few tips on healthy fats to include in your diet – no matter what your goals are. I’ll include a dinner recipe and also offer my newest smoothie concoction that will cater to your sweet tooth, yet contains just a few basic, plant-based, nutrient dense ingredients.

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