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  • Brendan Brazier


    Brendan Brazier
    Professional Ironman Triathlete

    Height: 6' 2”
    Weight: 168
    Age: 30

    Reason for becoming vegan:

    Athletic performance. Most think I continue to improve as an athlete at a fast rate in spite of being vegan — that's not the case. A highly alkaline, easily digestible, mostly raw diet is without a doubt the best diet for performance. Then of course there are all the other reasons; environmental, ethical, political. Those can't be ignored once you start to learn more.

    Favorite thing about being vegan?

    Better athletic performance. Nutritionally, therefore physically, of course that's clear, but also mentally. Just knowing that I'm not contributing to so many things that I dislike makes living easier.

    Favorite foods to eat?

    Apples, hemp, chlorella, spinach, mangos.

    Brief training history?

    Started running in 1989, cycling in 1990 and swimming in 1992.

    Brief contest result history?

    2003 Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion 2002 8th Ironman Utah 2001 3rd in Canadian Long course triathlon Championship 2001 11th Ironman Canada 1999 3rd Royal Victoria Marathon (2:29 Personal best time) 1998 2rd Royal Victoria Marathon

    Companies you work for or represent?

    I'm very fortunate in that I have some great sponsors.

    I'm most involved with Sequel Naturals. They are the makers of Vega which is my formula for a vegan meal replacement. It's a replica of the blender drink that I've made for myself since 1994. Complete info about Vega can be found here: http://www.myvega.com/index.htm

    Nature's Path is another sponsor of mine that I work closely with. They are the largest producer of organic cereal in the world. They make a line of cereal called Optimum for athletes. Rebound, their new cereal within the Optimum line will launch at Expo West in Anaheim in March. I'm on the box.

    Any Other Sponsors?

    Bike — Isaac Athletic shoes and clothing — Saucony Casual clothing — Of The Earth Casual shoes — Shoes with Souls Yerba Mate — Aviva!

    Why should Athletes follow a vegan diet?

    I don't like to say 'should' at all, but if done right it will help.

    Your Future plans?

    More of the same. Continue improving as an athlete. Expand the Vega line and write more books. Be open to new opportunities.

    Next book project?

    Thrive: a guide to optimal health and performance through plant-based whole foods was launched in September of last year and became a Canadian bestseller in five months so I have just released a second edition. It contains 32 more pages including 15 recipes. It is now available.

    I'm working on a recipe book now. I hope to have it out be the end of the year.

    Anything else you'd like to add?

    Just because a huge number of other people do something is not an indication that it's the best way. As with most people who know this, I learned it the hard way, but at least I know it now.

    You can find more info about my projects at: www.brendanbrazier.com


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