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  • Casper Bilton


    Name: Casper Bilton
    Year of Birth: 1991
    Height: 192cm
    Weight: 80 kg
    Birthplace: Copenhagen, DK
    Current Residence: Sønderborg, DK
    Sports: European Handball
    Website(s): www.bilton.dk
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Achievements: Qualification to the world-cup with Canada Junior national team (3rd place Pan Am Champ.), World Cup with the Junior national team, draft to danish best league team SønderjyskE. Senior Pan Am Champ. Qualification and one of topscorer at Pan AM championship Senior.
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    Tell us a little about yourself, what you do for a living, what hobbies / interests / passions you have:
    I am a Danish/Canadian professional European handball player, who currently playes for the team SønderjyskE, in the best danish league (3 best league in the world). I practice my sport every single day, and with this I do a lot of weightlifting (around 3-4 times a week).
    Because of my Canadian background I also play on the Canadian National Team, which we are wright now preparing for the Pan Am Games in Toronto 2015.

    Why did you become vegan?
    (What were the contributing factors, was there anything in particular which made you aware or changed your way of thinking etc?)
    I became vegan because that the most important thing is that you are as healthy as you can be. I became aware of the vegan diet from the movie “Forks over Knifes”, and then I afterwords made a lot of research, and read the book “The China Studie”. I will always do what is best, to be a header of my components, and with a vegan diet I will think more clear, move faster, and rest better.

    When and why did you become interested in fitness?
    I have played handball since I was 7 years old, and when I became around 14/15 years old, I also began lifting weights, trying to jump higher, and gain bigger muscles.

    How would you describe your nutrition program?
    A normal day for me will start with a spinach/fruits smoothie, and a nice bowl oatmeal with different kinds of oats, a banana, and various berries.
    A couple hours later, I eat a snack - that could be a banana, bagel with peanut-butter.
    Lunch would be something like a rice-bean recipe or lots of rye bread with avocado, soya-pate, and so on.
    After every work out I drink a Fiber/carb Soya protein shake, or some pieces of crisp-bread. — I work out 2 times daily.
    At dinner I make various vegan recipes — mexican bean totilias, sushi, or lots of potatoes with sauce and salad.
    All day I drink lots of water, and before i go to bed, I will eat fruit and nuts as a snack.

    How would you describe your training program?
    (What do you typically do to work out, how many days, what exercises/movements, what kind of reps and sets do you do, and anything else unique to you)

    What kind of supplements do you use if any, and why?
    I do a fiber/carb soya protein shake after a work out, but only after one of the practice on a day. I hope/think that you should be able to get your supplements from you daily meals.

    How do people react when they find out you are vegan?
    People get surprised, because that many people think that you need to eat a steak before you play sports. I get a lot of questions about where I get my protein and why I changed my diet, and in Denmark there is not many who have heard the word vegan before.

    Have you had success in promoting veganism / vegetarianism to others? If so, how did you go about it?
    Yes, because of the lack of info about veganism in Denmark, then its difficult to spread the word out. Me and my familie are trying to learn danish people about how life saving this diet can be. www.bilton.dk, follows my family on a vegan diet, and my dad has studied the vegan diet for a while now

    My dream is to inform people trough sports, fitness and studies.

    What do you think the most important aspect of training is?
    The most important aspect of training would be keep working, and always strive for the next level.

    What do you like best about being vegan?
    I love how you feel your energy level get better and better, and hope you just can keep on going. For me its also important to feel healthy, and in contact with the earth.

    What do you like best about being fit?
    Being fit is important to make results on and off the court.

    What advice do you have for people who are just starting out with training?
    Be patience, eat good and healthy food, and go for it.

    What advice do you have for people who are thinking of becoming vegan?
    A vegan diet is very important if you want to be as healthy as you can, therefore you should take one step at a time; first stop drinking milk, the meat and try to look up books, films and persons who is on the diet.

    What motivates you in life?
    My personal goals in handball, my family.

    What do you think of veganbodybuilding.com? Has it helped or inspired you?
    I think veganbodybuilding is a fantastic website, that can help you get inspired with programs and diet. You find that there is many people on a vegan diet, who is similar to you.
    Do you have any other thoughts you'd like to share?
    YOLO — you only live once — thats why you should go vegan. :)


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