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  • Tana Allure


    Name : Tana Allure
    Year of Birth : 1987
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 125lbs
    Birthplace : Brooklyn, NY
    Sports: Calisthenics,Track,Training with Personal Trainer/Mentor (J.R)
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: TanaAllure.com

    Tana Allure is a Brooklyn born Puerto Rican / Peruvian model sensation. She is one of few Vegan Glamour Models who hit the scene in 2009 by storm. Soon turning 25yrs old, Tana Allure has been Vegan for about 2 years and a vegetarian for a little over a year prior to that. Reasons for her becoming Vegan are mainly for her deep love for animals but also include her knowledge in how eating meat affects the environment as well as the cruelty on animals that happens everyday.

    Ever since the age of 12yrs old, Tana has always been active growing up. She was in several teams playing softball, handball, and basketball. In High School she was active in dance classes and animal elective classes where she first learned about farm animals and agriculture. Going to the gym even at the young age of 16 became a part of her everyday life. Health and Fitness are now passions of hers and she plans on pushing herself more and more everyday with new activities, workouts, and training techniques.

    Tana's nutrition program does not have any animal by-products, they contain non-gmo, fructose free, and organic products. She makes her own fruit/veggie smoothies, salads, tofu/veggie wraps, sweet potato/veggie dishes, and more. If she eats out then the restaurants must be Vegan or Vegan upon request. One supplement she uses is a powder called Leaf Powder which can be used in small amounts in your cereal, shakes, and even salads.

    One thing that Tana loves about being Vegan is how her senses seem to have increased dramatically. She can see, hear, taste, smell, sense, so much better. Her body feels lighter and healthier and her stamina has boosted immensely during her workouts.

    Everything about being Vegan she is proud of especially knowing that she is one more person who is helping less animals suffer in some way as well as less harm being done to the environment. Some advice for those who are starting this new way of life as well is to cut off pork first then do only fish then cut off dairy. This is how Tana did it and the rewards are remarkable. She wouldn't change it for anything in the world!

    Tana Allure is known as the Vegan Glamour Model with a mission to inspire others. She came in to the scene to not only show girls that vegan models have plenty of curves too, but to also show that you can get far by just being yourself and staying true to yourself. She wanted to let others know that you don't need to ever visit the "casting couch" to prove you can be successful. Her hard working drive and positive spirit is what so many like about her. When she walks into the room you know she has arrived with her colorful personality as she brings a breath of fresh air to the industry. She has provided guidance to other upcoming models who are trying to break into the industry, helping the start of a new breed of urban models.

    The Alluring model strives to set a standard and with this comes plenty of responsibility but with her determination, she will succeed and surpass these expectations with grace. Always keeping a tight circle of productive people around her and constantly sorting out ways to better herself. Very humbly she is grateful to all fans and supporters. Everything she gets involved in is for you all so keep the support coming. Her appreciation to you all is tremendous as well as to www.VeganBodyBuilding.com. This site has been absolutely Inspirational in every way helping others who might be starting Veganism. It's also there to guide you while feeling support. On this site, people are able to see that being Vegan comes in all ages, ethnicity, sizes, etc. Its a beautiful thing to be Vegan and VeganBodyBuilding.com will help show everyone that!


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