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  1. Thank you all for your wonderful advice and kind words (and sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but wasn't on the computer all weekend). Hugs to you Vegan Essentials for helping the squirrel and mouse pass on humanely and everyone else who has helped an injured being in need. I had decided to take pamela's advice and went out looking for him/her, but the bird was not where I left him -- he was right side up and 3 bushes down, hiding under a bush. As they were predicting a storm, I picked him up and put him in a box. He was quiet most of the day, but at the end of the day was a little livelier. By Saturday, he was flapping his wings, but didn't fly out of the box. I wanted to let him free, but he wouldn't fly out of the box and a rehab'er advised that that means there's something wrong. A wildlife rehab volunteer came and picked him up. I hope I did the right thing, because he wasn't flying and living in a box is no way to live. I couldn't just leave him if he couldn't fly. I hope he's doing alright at the rehab.
  2. I was walking to work today and saw a bird (not feral, not diseased) lying on the pavement and thought it was dead. When I walked by I saw it was breathing. I didn't see any wounds and thought it might be just stunned, so I picked it up to put him/her someplace safer for recovery. A little side of its beak was split lengthwise (but no blood). When I picked him/her up, it's head lolled a little bit but I wasn't sure if it was broken or not. His/her heart was beating very quickly, he/she was breathing heavily and it's eyes opened up but it seemed too much effort and he closed them again. His feet moved a little, but he didn't move after a few seconds. I still didn't see any other injuries, but didn't think this was good and wasn't sure what to do. After a couple of blocks, I noticed blood on my hand - I think it was coming from his ear because its eye didn't have blood on it. His/her breathing was still heavy, but his/her heartbeat was thudding intermittently. I think s/he was dying and not long for this world - but I still wasn't sure what to do. I couldn't wring his/her neck - if his neck was broken what good would that do ? I settled on putting him in a secluded area under a bush with a tree overhead - he didn't even move or open his eyes. Did I do the right thing ? Is there something else I should do ? Am I the jerk that I feel I am for leaving him/her ?
  3. Crash


    The only pain he has right now is from arthritis. The only form of therapy he is taking right now is subcutaneous fluids. His illness does not require him to receive radiation treatments (but I can't judge those who decide to give radiation therapy a shot for cancer). Elevated creatinine and nitrogen levels from CRF will make him feel like he has the flu, but his subQ fluids, herbs and hydrotherapy flush out those toxins from his system, making him feel better. We are trying to get those numbers down, so he doesn't feel sick and he does seem to be responding. He is alert and has joy in his life. I panicked yesterday as last night and this morning he walked by himself. He ate his food yesterday and wanted more food last night. No other organs seem to be affected, except his kidneys. Flushing out the toxins helps prevent any other organs from deteriorating. When he is receiving his subQ fluids, he is resting on my lap and in my arms. I give him a vanilla pudding chaser after his herbal medicine. He seems to enjoy his hydrotherapy (which is 15 minutes) and after I blow dry his hair he cuddles on my lap. Now is not the time. Hopefully it never will be, but if it is I will act in Max's best interests.
  4. Crash


    I know what you are saying VP and have decided I can't put Max through that. I will keep fighting his illness until it conflicts with Max's quality of life and best interests.
  5. Crash


    finnbarrio I'm sorry for your loss. Carpe diem does indeed ring true - I just want to make sure I don't miss Max's message. Thank you for the advice.
  6. Crash


    I'm sorry about your loss Veganitaliana. I just spoke with my dad and he said he gave Max some water with a syringe and it made him feel better. My mom said Max ate his food and is following them from room to room. I guess maybe my question is - at what stage would it be kinder to Max to let him go ? Right now he still feels joy in his life and doesn't appear to be in any pain, so it's not right now.
  7. Crash


    I'm really scared and don't know what to do. Max has been diagnosed with CRF since last January and we have been fighting it - giving him subcutaneous injections, herbal remedies, hydro therapy, etc. He's had his bad days and he's had his good days. Even though sometimes his back has been arched, he has seemed alert and not in pain and it seemed for the last couple of days that he was feeling better. But, this morning he didn't walk as much as he normally does and I ended up carrying him home. He stays with my parents while I'm at work and my dad just told me he doesn't want to drink water. I am upset and am probably panicking over nothing - but just needed, I don't know....something. I promised him that I would not put him to sleep, but if there's pain I've discussed with my vet that he would take pain killers, that may not be good for his kidneys, but would relieve the pain. What I am scared of is that if his kidneys stop, his lungs could flood - and I will not allow him to die that way. I just don't know what to do. I swore I would never put him to sleep - and I still don't want to and will not. But I will not let him suffer. IS there something, any type of treatment that I'm not doing that can help him ?
  8. I am an American (born and raised) with a Greek heritage. (But we all came from the same place and over time migrated to different areas.)
  9. Beautiful pictures. I'm greek too and would love it if more turned vegan (as well as every other nationality). I have visited Greece in the past, but my mom's hometown is in the mountains. I would love to visit the islands! Zante is one of the islands on my list and based on your picture, Kefalonia is another to visit.
  10. I would have never guessed.
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  15. Is this still open ? *asking hopefully*
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  19. **Um, I don't think the world is ready for such, er, organic toiletries (and you've pretty much ruined crunchy peanut butter for me). Maybe instead of toiletries, you could make your own uniquely designed Potter poopy jewelry?
  20. Happy 10th Veganniversary sydneyvegan!
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