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  1. Thank you so much everyone and thanks for the videos.
  2. Thanks flanders. A big hug to you as well.
  3. Thank you - hugs to all of you as well.
  4. Maybe the reason you lost your glasses was to rescue the turtle.
  5. I'm glad you're feeling better Denise. Sending mega positive thoughts your way!
  6. Oh yummy !!!! What time can I come over ?
  7. Unfortunately some consider this to be true - at a family function a couple of years back when my uncle found out I didn't eat meat, he told me a priest told him people that don't eat meat are witches. While I have nothing against wiccans and don't really care about some peoples' opinions, it annoyed me that someone who is supposed to be a "spiritual leader" to people could be so bigoted and small minded. I challenged my uncle and he's never been able to look me in the eyes since.
  8. It looks like Robbie's giving you good advice. Looking good SeaSiren.
  9. Happy Midsummer to you as well! (hopefully all the fish will be on vacation instead of getting caught in the area.)
  10. Looking good! Great definition in your back and shoulder muscles (and the abs aren't too bad either. )
  11. You were doing pretty good there for a while Darth! Keep it up and you'll be jumping circles around everyone!
  12. I'm in touch with evil spirits and nether realms and all those kinds of things. Since you have a buddy system, do you have a stage name ? and more importantly can your ... um .... contacts give you the numbers for the lottery? or rather can they give you the numbers for me ?
  13. Wow! Great arm muscles Frostfire! But I don't think I will ever go rock climbing in a million years - what do you hold on to ?
  14. Congratulations DarthVegan! http://www.smileytown.com/app_smiley/content/darksmiley.gif
  15. I have been watching it. I don't have any clear favorites yet, but there are definitely some great dancers/athletes there. Some of the dancers' body control is fantastic !
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