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  1. Thanks for the information jonathan ! Per your pictures, you look like you are in proportion and have great definition. Symmetry is a great plus in body building, which you have. If you keep on increasing your weight poundage I'm certain the size will come along. Keep up the good work. Sorry for the hijack xjasonedgex. Have you made any progress ?
  2. This is great information -- thank you for posting Daywalker ! Please write about the above as well.
  3. Thanks for the link Daywalker ! (BTW I think your avatar is cool too (I love the symmetry of your back muscles ).)
  4. They're so cute ! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Lelle if it's one thing I know how to do it's gain weight. What is your daily eating pattern and what do you usually eat ?
  6. Thanks Daywalker. Would you happen to know if he does regular squats, sissy squats or squats with barbell and if so how much poundage ? (Is there anywhere on the board that lists this information ?) I looked for this on the VF board, but am completely clueless with all the abbreviations and #s. Also what kind of exercises and poundage do you use for your back Daywalker ? C'mon guys, have pity and give me a hint about your routines.....
  7. I'm with Lelle, too many good songs from different bands to settle for just one.
  8. Where are your fruits and vegetables xjasonedgex ? Your diet seems to have alot of protein, but not really many water based foods. Also, how much water do you drink per day ? This might be the key to helping you get more of a shredded look. * Jonathan, do you mind my asking what exercises you do for your thighs ? (they look fantastic ) and how would one get abs like Tarz and Topher and a back like Daywalker ?
  9. If I can't be both....shredded (and agile).
  10. North Carolina is pretty close to PA Topher.
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