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  1. oh, cheers for that, I didn't even know the place existed . . I will be well onto it now though! thanks for the heads up! Hope your knee gets better soon!
  2. Aaaaaaaaaah . . . Mr Beaumont . . . funny thing about him and that trip . . . the summer of 2007 was the year I originally had my epiphany of cycling the world . . and then yeah like it says August 2007 he went and done it. Must have been something in the air!!! I was well upset hahaha (I as also a teenager at the time and half his age so, you know, burst the bubble and all that!). Luckily though it turns out he done it in the exact opposite way that I wanted to so it wasn't so bad once I forced myself to watch it =D I did have a few emails with him once though, some tips etc, so it's all turned out as useful stuff =] I never read his book though, I've read a few other books instead though. Things like the "cycling home from siberia" one, which turns out to be crazily hardcore compared (who would have guessed? haha), and then stuff like the cycle touring guides etc, with all the top tourers giving their views. A lot of the views are quite similar so they're pretty good at pointing you in the right direction. =] Def recommend that Rob Lilwall book though!
  3. Okay, so maybe a little short notice . . . but I really wanted to make a team for this. 30-31st of August. Midday-Midday. 3 ranks. Solo, small team and large team. Most laps per team after 24 hours wins I wouldn't mind a small "Team Vegan". I tried searching elsewhere and basically got ZERO responses. So I thought I would try here. I probably should have tried here first! http://www.spitfirescramble.co.uk/ I'm not sure of the prizes. But to be honest a high ranking/win for Team Vegan would be more than enough for me to go home happy. Can never be too many nails in the coffin of the "weak vegan" myth! There is still a little bit of time before final submissions so you don;t have to be too hasty. But yeah, obviously let me know if you are at all interested in it. Priority to veggies before I branch out to last minute non-veggie team mates. Happy running guys! Tin-Tin
  4. Just got back on this place, I've been pretty inactive I will admit, but I have been out of the country these past few years (not on the tour unfortunately) and now it is time to resurrect it! Ironically I am actually back at university so again its planned to happen "when I finish", fortunately this time round that is not 2-3 years down the line and I am way more accustomed to traveling now. =D Well, I guess I am just back here to say thanks to all those who showed support before hand, and also to say if any new people see this and are interested, then give me a shout as I am still looking for Vegan based partners. Things/ideas for the trip have moved on considerably actually, I know what I am doing and it's expected to be more like a 5 year trip with a whole bunch of "stuff" happening en route from charity work to workshops etc. http://www.thebigworldtour.com/ I'll keep you guys informed when it's time to roll =]
  5. hey guys so ive set up a group for this on facebook its not going too bad but could sure do with some extra support if any of you guys are on there? http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=67602395160 click the above link to go there, should take you straight to the page and i hope to see you there soon would mean a lot to me guys <3
  6. haha there is indeed a trip to be made =] although its in 2010 so i have a little while to recover i shall take more care next time
  7. so today i was playing football (or "soccer") and it didn't go to well not only did i pull a muscle in my right quad but i also tore a ligament in my ankle i thought i had snapped my bone to be honest the crack was so loud i may have to go get it checke out cos its pretty swollen and icurrently cant do a whole lot . . . . oops so yeah i guess training is gna be put on hold for a little while =/ . . . not a great start huh?
  8. aaaah lean&green could you possibly be the savoir of my trip? and i am deadly serious about it my friend ive dreamed of a hundred different ways i wanted to do it, i started with wanting to do it on a scooter.. then a proper bike and so on and i eventually decided, why one of them, why not just cycle it and prove some points about veganism whilst im doing it =] but yeah ive deff decided a partner is best, imean its never safe alone, even in america, whatwas it, the world record holder Mark Beaumont (who used your bike i do believe?) even he got mugged, so yeah, probly best with a partner, and probably makes it easier overall from your message I cant work out if you was interested in the round the world, or just across the states? but the north to south sounds cool too, similar to "Long Way Down"? but am glad theres somebody interested in partnering it, is a big relief
  9. so yeah thanks everybody for some great help there and i am positive it will come in handy exactly why i decided to message here so thank you and i will keep this updated maybe even whilst im on the move but i will deff keep this updated wotever happens so thanks again and anything else you come up with is much appreciated sorry these are all in little bits,somethings being strange here at the moment
  10. ok it seems to be pickign a chosing wot it lets me post which is annoying sorry im your man and mark as for you lena yeah i plan to go for as long as it takes as for publicity im a terrible public speaker but the aim of this is to do it for veganism and try and prove some points so if theres any coverage or whaever i will accept it
  11. hey guys its crashed on me like 6 times when trying to post so im kinda annoyed i dunno wot to do to continue the discussion it seems like its just gna let me post anything more than about this much i may msg you each seperately if you dont mind? so great help by the way invaluable stuff
  12. aaaaah still at uni thats a bummer but sure youd be able to do it anybody could do it if your not trying to beat any records then you just take it at your own pace i mean obviously if it takes several years there could be some problem (although there are people who do that of course) but on the other hand just aslong as you dont over do it to make sure you stay healthy the whole way plan properly andgo in a pair or more, theres nothing to worry about . . or so i hope anyway i spose in the end the key is preperation if i prepare correctly everything should flow together but first things first i must find myself a vegan partner to go with me and do it together, is no use finding somebody a month before i go without them having done any training and/or preperation nows the time i spose but i wish you luck with whatever you end up doing after uni lena maybe do your own version on a smaller scale if you don't wanna take the international risks the world is your oyester, a very healthy untouched happy oyester minding its own business somwhere of course =]
  13. So I haven't came here much recently I've been real busy trying to finish my first year of university. But im free now. I thought I would take this oppertunity to talk about my new "goal". Basically. I finish university in the summer of 2010, so my plan, is to start training now, and then when I finish university, to cycle around the world. I'm not attempting to break any world records or do anything special, except promote the word vegan, and hopefully make the whole "vegan thing" more acceptable, if it makes even 1 person think differently then its worth a cycle right? I have no experience at doing this type of thing, not do I have any sponsorship or even a great bike. Although talking of bikes, as im not attempting any records i dont spose it matters if I have a road bike or a mountain bike does it? Surely a mountain bike would be more suitable in certain areas of the world where roads can get a bit sketchy? But thats the type of thing i'm going to need help with knowing about. I just want to do my bit for promoting vegan ethics, and ive been thinking about going around the world for awhile now, so im finally putting my mind to it, starting some training and planning what im gonna do, as well as get talking to some influencial people hopefully. Anyway I think thats about all, I heard it's also probably best to have a partner? Going alone can be dodgy for obvious reasons, and going in a pair is always best, or as some people have done i think they go alone but meet a mate in a car at checkpoints or something, any views idea or help from anybody with experience of this kind of thing would be MUCH appreciated, in the end I AM doing this no matter what, so the more information i can gather in the next two years will make it so much more workable for me, and hopefully good for veganism if it all works out? im just aiming for the kind of "Well if you can cycle around the world, then it can't be that bad can it?" kind of reaction. and yeah im pretty certain this has been done a million times before, although I couldnt find a vegan but im positive somebody vegan must have done this before, but these days people are getting more and more open minded so it could be just the right time to do such a thing. Thanks in advance for anybody who cares to help . . . or join me? maybe we could do an entire forum cycle around the world . . . . . . yeah ok maybe thats too far fetched but wouldnt that just cause a stir now? haha Take care people and good luck with all your individual activities, your all amazing =]
  14. banaman for sure even if he does start of as a 10 year old called eric tin-tin just walks around with a dog solving mysteries and always get arrested and kidnapped i will add
  15. ok so lean and green said to get a quick shoot done so i quickly took some last night a front and a back http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2243/2438906684_a72f50a12d.jpg http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2093/2438906690_b4e5c3760a.jpg hopefully will be able to work on from these
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