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  1. On deadlifts, yeah, looks your hips are coming up too quick, looks like a romanian deadlift.


    I done a quick google and found this http://www.t-nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1588392

    The part where it says "Stiff legging" (4 vids up from the bottom)


    Chest up!


    Not sure how much advice I should be dishing out to guys lifting heavier than me lol.


    Nice squat!


    Thanks man, even If I do lift more, I really look up to you, your form is always superb. I like romanian deadlifts more anyways, I used to just start from the top so getting used to pulling from the floor.

  2. Great work, Zack!


    Doesn't mean I'm going to cut you any slack, because I expect to see both those numbers go up even higher once you can start stuffing yourself again!


    Was waiting for you to chime in.


    Any tips on my deadlifts? I feel like my form is not great. I always thought it was fine until recording. My back's not rounded or anything, but it kind of seems like i'm not using enough quads, and that maybe my hips are rising too fast or something. Squat

    I think is fine. That squat rep was pretty difficult and I held my form pretty well I think.


    I full expect my squat to be > 350 pretty much as soon as I start eating. I'm pretty depleted these days.

  3. Is that Crush Fitness or something like that?


    I went to a gym with super wild colors in Knoxville, TN....I don't recall the name but it was something like "Crush" or Crunch or maybe something way different but wonder if it is the same chain...great gym, lots of cool equipment, big space, etc.


    Glad to see the videos are on the way....buddy!


    Crush is close, The Rush is what it's called. I would rather go to a more hardcore gym, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. There's none around.

  4. Here's a few of mine:


    335 squat- I've been dieting for a month and a half, this would normally be cake but it's getting harder to put up, can't wait till i start eating.





    365 deadlift- Was doing these for 8-10 reps with straps @ 365 before I started cutting. This was pretty poor and my form isn't really good either. I managed a 405 for a single after this with decent form, but it's really hard to do since under eating.. it really zaps strength. I was disappointed that I managed only two reps. Oh well, strength time will come soon. Winter approaches.






    Pay no mind to the fruity colors and bad music...corporate gyms.



  5. The reason many people eat every three hours or so is to speed up metabolism and also make sure they can eat enough food. Just think about it in practical terms, for the people who eat 4000-5000 calories a day to gain or maintain weight. It's considerably more difficult to eat three 1500 calorie meals than it is to eat six 750 calorie meals.


    I find it easier, and the metabolism boosting is a huge myth. Johan once posted a cool article about it.

  6. Start doing decline push-ups(upper chest, lats) and chest dips(lower chest) once a week. Avoid doing regular push-ups; they are a waste of time that imbalance the chest muscles.


    There is no "upper" nor "lower" chest. Regular pushups are just fine.


    I've read some about raw and think it sounds like an amazing lifestyle.


    It's not.


    Is this lifestyle conducive to the bikini "look" I'm trying to achieve?


    Absolutely not.


    You need to be putting on lean mass right now, you are too slim for bikini as is. You will be hard pressed to grow off a raw diet, and there is nothing healthier about it vs a vegan diet. Raw foodists hype up their diet and lifestyle, you'll find that some of them are just outright liars. Don't buy the hype.

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