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  1. This brings up a question i've had. I like to drink orange juice. Usually i'll just get some tropicana lots of pulp type. It's pasteurized i know, but the amount of oranges i'd need to make that would be too much money, plus the added calcium is helpful... My question is, is the process of making these juices vegan? I've heard of some things using animal ingredients for filtering and such, wasn't sure...
  2. sean is right, the key to abs is a low body fat percentage. You probably already have them, just fat covering them.
  3. Have you tried posting this stuff in bulletins on myspace vegan/veggie groups?
  4. Wheat can affect it so much? That may be my problem..
  5. Welcome, I swear I just saw your profile on myspace. Must have been from something you posted on robert's...
  6. Welcome to the forum. You guys are making me want to live in oregon too....
  7. Awesome to hear 1 person can change the minds of 5, good job.
  8. It's still worse when a real person, or worse yet a female, says you're not a man cause you don't eat meat. Never thought compassion would be a bad trait for a man...
  9. That's like...500 grams of fat in that peanut butter? lol...
  10. So I was at work today, and I ate 12 bananas at one time, anyone else have any food records?
  11. Lately i've been eating d'anjou pears like popcorn....
  12. I know it's affected by diet.. It has cleared up alot but is still there. My guess is increased hormone production from lifting and stuff. I do know that I went raw for 2-3 weeks and it all went away but i'm not ready for that yet.
  13. What is good to sprout? I'm currently just doing chickpeas and field peas, what else is good?
  14. Well since my name is available, which I didn't think it would be, my name has changed!
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