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  1. Good progress on the weight loss Joe. Keep up the good work.
  2. Nope, can't gain anything on a deficit. If your maintenance is 2000 cal, I would start around 2300 and see how it goes. If you're gaining strength, and slowly adding weight, then you've probably got it about right. Bump your fat and carbs. Protein is high enough imo. A good ratio for you could be around 55%carb/30%protein/15%fat or somewhere around there. Maybe seasiren will read this and chime in.
  3. He's talking about tanning oil, not sunblock. I second the coconut oil.
  4. maybe you're right. I sometimes blend overcooked brown rice and just one or two bananas before workout, and I noticed it gives me more constant steady energy - it's because rice is complex sugar and it releases itself slowly in blood stream. Fruit gives you instant energy, maybe it's better to eat tons of fruit after the exercise It's because fructose is metabolized in the liver and isn't as efficient or quick in building muscle glycogen stores.
  5. What is your fat intake at? I would bump it to around 2kcal and go from there. Also, (I know I'll get heat from VeggiePrincess if she reads this ) as long as you're eating at or below maintenance calories, you're not going to add bodyfat from a high-ish portion macros from carbs. You need to be a few hundred calories above bmr. I'd bump the fat some unless it's already too high?
  6. If you like squash, then fit it into your macronutrient goals for carbohydrates. There's no necessity to cut it out.
  7. I think it's better to eat a non-fruit carb source before training.
  8. I get the rambo thing a lot, mostly when I have a tanktop on and that headband flipped around so its red.
  9. I do think that bio page should be re-done to just include people with significant muscle though. Oh man, I find this hilarious. RC you got a compliment and a diss in the same post. "Why am I not impressed by any of these motherfuckers? Only one really had a decent physique. But he looks like he's prematurely aging because of his special diet of semen and beans."
  10. "He's also a bit pudgier than me. I have very lean forearms, his look like sausages. He probably has more muscle under that fat than I do, but I have less fat too. He must not be taking any supplements (B12 comes to mind) otherwise he'd probably be more defined." some guy describing VE...
  11. Thanks for bumping this veganmomma, I realized I haven't gotten significantly stronger in a while. Better work on it. Appreciate it.
  12. If you go on the forums, and just search anyones posts they usually have a promo code in their signatures that gets them some points anytime someone orders.
  13. That may get hard to do after a while. Just make sure you are logging your sessions, and that you are progressing in some way every time, whether it's 5 pounds or just 1 rep. If you aren't progressing, something is not on point - diet, sleep, overtraining..etc. For sure post it up. Seasiren may be a better choice for help in that regard though. She's a female competitor. They're also way high in carbs from what I remember. I used to not do any at all, but I started a while ago because it makes me feel so much better physically. I keep it short and sweet at a pretty high intensity (1 mile or so as quick as I can - sub 10 minutes, haven't timed myself lately). I LOVE sprinting and interval style stuff, sometimes I'll do 30 minutes or so at low intensity. It seems like seasiren, veggieprincess and other female competitors advocate the low intensity type. To me the point of cardio is to stress and strengthen your cardiovascular system. I don't feel like low intensity does that. Doing cardio obviously burns more energy hence you'd have to eat more. I Suppose it depends on your goals, I haven't had any issues with gaining strength while doing my cardio, but as a female competitor it may be different for you. If your primary motive is to get in shape for competing, then I wouldn't be doing anything that may jeopardize that. You need to be putting on some lean mass.
  14. The general opinion floating around is 1g/lb of bodyweight for lifters. I think you can get away with less, but if you got 170g you're more than fine.
  15. lol. Just my hypothesis. Types like veganmomma, has a woman avatar like veganmomma did, training routines are similar, dry style of posts are similar.
  16. Hi veganmomma, thought you were supposed to be banned...multiple times?
  17. I'd say like 50% of the people on this site order from there. A lot of us. I do believe premium flavors are vegan.
  18. Looking solid, just checked your original pics, great difference. Keep up the solid work man.
  19. I think that program looks alright, but I really disagree with reaching failure on every set. Good way to exhaust your CNS imo. I am a fan of pyramiding up and failing on the last set, putting everything into it. Some things I'd change: -I wouldn't do leg presses on leg day if you're already doing squats, romanian deads, ham curls, and extensions. Focus on getting deadlift and squat numbers up, and do the extensions and curls as a finishing accessory movement. -Also, no need to do romanian deadlifts one day and then regular deadlifts on back day, I think once a week is fine. Deadlifts done with intensity take a lot out of you. I've kind of moved away from the typical bodybuilder routine of 1 body part per day, 4-5 times a week with endless sets. Right now I do less volume 2x a week, kind of a push/pull style routine. More potential growth in my experience. Suppose it depends on your recoverability. I think hitting things twice a week with proper volume is better than once a week with excessive. I wouldn't be doing 3 separate isolation exercises for bi's/tri's. Try the routine and see how it goes. Make sure you're eating enough to support growth. In short whatever you do, Progressive Resistance = growth.
  20. Excellent post. It's the mentality I've had to have, seems to be workin out well given my limitations.
  21. I agree, Chest still a bit sore, don't feel that back at all
  22. Hey Ryan. You are looking amazing. I really appreciate your gift and the thoughtfulness that comes along with it. Means so much. Robert has tweeted this forum post..lol
  23. Creatine is one of the few proven supplements to actually be worth spending money on. Creatine and protein. Just get a good quality one, and do 5g/day do not bother with loading.
  24. You will lose a little strength when you stop. Also your body will drop some water so your muscles will not look as full.
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