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  1. Ryan do you have issues with being able to go as heavy as you used to on squats/deadlifts due to your eye issues?
  2. Excellent. This is the right change to make.
  3. There is something wrong, a vegan diet is not natural. You need to supplement b12.
  4. I know a fact about robert's farts. They are nearly deadly. Terrifying memories.
  5. The difference is that creatine is useful.
  6. Hardly. He is nothing but helpful. It would do you well to listen to him.
  7. Awesome, your physique is really looking great as well. What kind of camera are you using for your videos?
  8. What "toxins" does coffee have? http://men.webmd.com/features/coffee-new-health-food Also, you are aware that peanuts have a large amount of acrylamide, which is a neurotoxin. They also are potentially contaminated by aflatoxin. Would choose coffee over peanuts. Also, the no salt thing isn't necessarily a great choice, at least if you're eating truly unprocessed and are athletic.
  9. What's your routine right now? I assume you mean they are growing wider not taller? I suppose you could be doing a lot of brachialis work and not biceps brachii. Pictures?
  10. And you feel you have the right to be insulting to other people? Funny... Your excuse to not lift for a year is rather lame.
  11. squatted 315 past parallel 4 reps deadlifted 405 for 2 reps on a cut. feels good man.
  12. When I was trying to gain weight: 2 bananas 2 cups strawberries 1 cup soymilk 1tbsp flax oil 1tbsp coconut oil 1tbsp lecithin 1/2cup ground up oats 1 scoop protein some spinach Somewhere beyond 1000cal. Now it's just: 2 bananas 1 cup berries 1 scoop protein 1 tbsp flax oil some spinach because i'm cutting.
  13. you said "I ate the last 3 days each 250 gram (dry weight) (black beans/ pinto beans and today lentils) + 1kg veggie mix (broccoli/cauliflower and carrots) that's my lunch and dinner" That would mean you eat 1 kilo of that veggie mix two times per day, 1 kilo is 2.2 pounds, twice a day is nearly 4.5 pounds, unless you meant something different, I think the veggies are your issue. One of the easiest meals i make is to take 1/2 cup dry rice, cook it and add 1 cup corn + 1 can black beans. 800 cal, 40 or so grams of protein. Doesn't fill me up very much. Add some tofu to that and you can easily up protein. btw, I love your user name, vegeta is the greatest. lol
  14. At approximately this time, my body will be found frozen in space by other life forms. These life forms will have the knowledge to bring me back to life, fully conscious of all my past experiences. I will then be able to virtually stop aging, and will not have a need for food. I will use this time to accomplish my dream of exploring the known universe and finding my way into alternate universes where I can fly and blow things up using energy blasts from my hands.
  15. Almost 4.5lbs of broccoli, cauliflower and carrot is an extremely large amount, and likely what is giving you issues. Eat some beans and rice or something. Why are you eating only 1800 kcal a day?
  16. I am assuming now that your goal is fat loss, so if you are slowly losing weight while maintaining strength, are you not achieving what you'd like to?
  17. I am reluctant to answer, after looking at your signature.
  18. When you say a slight drop in weight, do you mean weight used during exercises, or your body weight? Is your goal right now to cut fat and maintain strength? If i was you i'd cut it down to 4 or so intense sets of squats, then finish off with the 3 of leg extensions and leg curls.
  19. How many total sets for legs are you doing? And at what rep range? Are you male or female? If you're male, 2000 calories is nowhere near adequate to build any appreciable muscle. Too much volume is counterproductive, intensity and progressive resistance build muscle, provided the diet is adequate.
  20. I am loving your consistency. You are looking great, much leaner. Also the track a few posts up ^^^ is great.
  21. I second that, one hell of a change man, GREAT work.
  22. Jakob's the only one I really find impressive.
  23. About two months ago I had to put my gorgeous husky down that had been with us only 10 years. She was eaten up with cancer and I came home one day she was laying in her own urine unable to even get out of it. I cleaned her up and rested with her a few hours until my dad came home and we took her to have her euthanized. She was very calm about it, but point being, it was overdue and we waited too long, yours seemed to have been at the right time, so you did the right thing. For future reference, you can get vets that will come to your home and do it, costs a bit more, but it is available. Sorry for your loss.
  24. I'm just teasing you, You're my favorite person that i disagree with. But you are right, I have been slacking on the greens, but definitely not the fruits. Generally eat those earlier in the day.
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