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  1. 800 calories of rice/corn/black beans + about 400 cal red potatoes + 120 cals of olive oil. still hungry...
  2. The ones that say that when you eat under your maintenance calorie levels, you will lose weight.
  3. Such a positive contribution. Why is that funny?
  4. why not? but what about when you chew and the fiber gets smashed apart, doesn't the water come out?
  5. really? But even if you blend it, the volume is still the same as if you ate it. Even more if you add water!
  6. It's not. Eating a lot is a huge chore and overrated. I'll trade metabolisms with you any day. I eat 4k a day and still don't gain a pound.
  7. I'm glad to see you back tuc. Always liked reading about your training.
  8. He lives in the Yukon with nobody around for 100+ miles and has it for protection?
  9. Why are vegans in pdx so afraid of cops? (serious)
  10. Looks okay, could be a little much for your legs and shoulders. Try it and see.
  11. Glad to see you back at it, beautiful baby too! I find it really admirable how much you have on your plate, yet you make no excuses and just take care of business.
  12. How is this helpful to her? Anyways, Chilove some of my favorite exercises for upper back: -Barbell Rows (with the bar pulled to upper chest rather than stomach area) -Reverse Flies (with dumbbells) -Dumbbell Shrugs
  13. Looks like too much volume in some ways imo. Example: Day 1 flat and incline presses will hit front delts and triceps reasonably hard, then on day 2 you're directly working both of them more, with only 1 rest day until you do it over again. Hitting a muscle 4 times a week with that amount of volume leaves inadequate time to recover, imo. Also, hitting Biceps with 8 sets on day 1, then hitting your back the next day with biceps already pre-fatigued. Same goes for week 3&4. If it works for you, by all means go for it, just seems like those could be issues you may run into.
  14. He's not an alpha male, but I don't know what you should do about him.
  15. I can see RC doing this when he's that old...dudes gotta be like 80 something. Makes me think of when you turned on some hiphop opened your car doors and danced in the street in front of proper eats back in 07..
  16. funny I still agree with you though, in some regard at least. However, as someone with a chronic condition, I recognize the importance of mainstream medicine. That being said, I've done more for healing myself by lifestyle choices than any doctor has.
  17. Has to be with dumbbells. It does feel much more natural. Why is this? I think it's a ridiculous thing to do either way, but just curious.
  18. The study I saw on this actually showed declines to activate the most muscle fibers, but only by an insignificant amount imo. I still don't do them though, I don't want my head exploding.
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