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  1. Put the pills in a plastic bag and beat them with a hammer
  2. You can and you'll need to. What's with the ridiculously low protein?
  3. Pretty insane number increases on deads and squats, good work!
  4. THIS. Also, remember..if you're uncomfortable, she'll be uncomfortable. Don't sweat it and nobody else will. Gain some mass and control what you can.
  5. This is not true. This is not true at all.
  6. 100-120 g protein should be fine for you. I really like how you are starting your back workouts with pullups, I do the same. Why aren't you doing barbell squats and such? Solid work so far dude.
  7. Love this video. Congrats on the book, will pick it up when I have a chance. better be signed though.
  8. RC a lil leaner these days, but I see those abs pokin out.
  9. I just read cubby's quote in johan's sig. brilliant.
  10. Most comical part of the whole post. I know your ass is reading all of the replies.
  11. At times. He's working a lot and has a lot on his plate though, so not as much.
  12. Johan when are you gonna come over to this side of the atlantic and slay some american girls?
  13. http://i525.photobucket.com/albums/cc336/dodgeramit360/BertStare.jpg
  14. Is this a glorified rope with a handle or am i missing somethin?
  15. I'm a phil heath fan myself, but kai looked good no doubt.
  16. Who cares. He's not a phony. He's teaching skills to survive.
  17. I feel the exact opposite. Pea is goo in comparison to regular rice imo. I actually really like sunwarrior though, lacks the grainy texture of all other rice proteins i've tried.
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