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  1. Considering male humans are about 60% water, I think that's probably a good thing. Muscle is basically protein and water, so what's the issue with that?
  2. #1) Don't call me kid. #2) No, I don't have anything against fruits and vegetables. I do however strongly oppose the 80/10/10 fruit based diet. You aren't the same as a chimpanzee or a gorilla, and a nearly entirely fruit based diet is not natural for a human.
  3. We are on topic. We told him what we think, positive or not.
  4. It's not "hating" it's the truth. He won't listen to it though since he's so obsessed with the dogma of raw foodism.
  5. You'd like to emulate fraud and blatant lies? somewhat sad..
  6. So higher DHT levels don't necessarily mean you'll lose hair, provided you lack the receptors in hair follicles?
  7. I'm all for the continuation of this thread. Ruz you should join in too.
  8. I knew she was cheating on me with giac, but now you too?
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-dA3EJDkPE That video is haunting with the music he posed to. Almost like he's posing to his own requiem. Almost like he knew what was happening. For anyone that doesn't know, he died 4 days after this due to dehydration from excessive diuretic use. Obviously a heavy juicer too though.
  10. Richards too busy these days. anyone else?
  11. I consider maybe four of those to be healthy.. lol
  12. http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/93/2lt25fl.gif
  13. It's fine for pan frying, not deep frying.
  14. Strained a tendon in my shoulder, took > 1 month to heal. Strained my ACL from squatting took >8 months to heal (srs) all good now though
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