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  1. L&G, Just remember that BB is a subjective sport. the judges that placed you 6 yesterday could place you first today. You are a winner just by stepping on stage. great job
  2. I am on a quest to find the best tasting dipping extra virgin olive oil. I don't use it for cooking. Any suggestions?
  3. L&G, I am in for the natural!! Can you post a link to the nutritionals for the Sunwarrior please? Also, is is thick like vega or thinner?
  4. Awesome. Sydneyvegan do you actaully live in Sydney? I have always wanted to go to australia. maybe now is a good time to go.
  5. VP, you are such a beautiful woman instead AND out. To me that is what is really important. You inspire many of us here on the board and are always encouraging and supportive. YOu should feel REALLY REALLY good about that. What would you tell a client if she was feeling how you are now? Many times we KNOW what we need to do but we don't listen to ourselves. We can be really hard on ourselves. Keep up the hard work, don't back down and I know you will get to where you want to be, I guarantee it.
  6. I will say it again. VEGA rocks!!! So much energy and mental focus after i drink it. Nothing compares!!! If anyone sees any online sales for it please post.
  7. That is great! Please post the link to your Youtube video when you have it up. Hopefully, you may have lance thinking about his eatnig habits Cheers
  8. VP, You are drop dead gorgeous!!! Keep up the great work!!!
  9. Thank you I love SunWarrior, It neither thick nor thin, if that makes sense, lol I don't have to chew it, nor is it like water. I double scoop most of the time. When I needed the extra cals I would mix with fresh squeezed juice, now I mix with water. [Thank you! Which flavor do you recommend?
  10. I was in Japan last august for 3 weeks on work. It was hard to be vegan because fish and pork was in a lot of stuff. I brought a case of Vega bars and a case of Clif bars for lunch. Breakfast would be the rice triangles and dinner would be lots of rice with vegetables. I did taste some fish in a couple of my vegetable meals so i just stopped eating it and ordered something else. They really did not speak english in the restaurants so i just pointed to a picture on the menu and prayed it would be edible. Overall it was a great experience and I was not going to let my choice of food ruin it. Good Luck!!!
  11. Seasiren, how do you like the Sun warrior protein? Is it thick or thin. Good luck with all of your endeavors this year. I know you will rock
  12. I love the vanilla chi. I just ordered a big tub of it. The natural flavor and vanilla chi are my favorite and I just mix it with cold water.
  13. L&G, Get well soon. I know you are takng all the right things to get better. Just think that with all of this rest your body will be ready to smash the weights in the gym and you will get your grow on!!. I will be following along and support you 100%. Yeah Buddy!!
  14. This stuff is off the hook! I have tried all flavors and love them all. I just mix 2-3 scoops of Vega with cold water. My favorite flaovrs in order are : vanilla chia, unflavored, chocoalte and berry. I have and can eat this stuff all day. I feel great, tons of energy, mental clarity and focus and awesome strength in the gym. Also helps immensely with recovery. If you can only buy 1 supplement buy Vega. Nothing else compares. Now i need to find where i can buy a bunch of it, maybe at a discount.
  15. Happy New Years everyone! May 2009 be a healthy, happy and peaceful year for everyone.
  16. Robert I really want to try Vega but the store near me does not carry individual servings. How can I get some sample packs to try out?
  17. Anyone tried this? I just received 2lbs of it and the label shows 4gr of sugar alcohols per serving. Where are these sugars coming from?
  18. Veggieprincess, What flavor Procore do you like? Is it thick like pudding?
  19. Thanks for posting this. Unfortuately, I think durham is a little far for me.
  20. People are telling me that I cannot gain lean mass on a vegan diet. Now I know all you do not prescribe to that notion. I am not into pictures or posting them on the web but i took this one this morning. I think I have put on some muscle but of course am striving to get bigger. I appreciate all of your feedback, I know I have a lot of work to do. http://i35.tinypic.com/2ccp9jq.jpg
  21. Gaia, Is that not a BBers dream to lose BF but increase or maintain muscle?? So what exactly did not work for you? Also, how tall are you? Tear it up in the gym
  22. Gaia, My diet is similier to yours. My protein is seitan and brown rice protein. Carbs are raw broccoli, blueberries and romaine, and fat is almonds, avocados, almond butter and flax oil daily. I use no condiments. I was doing 1 carb up a week but that left me flat, no energy, and I lost muscle so I went back to the every 3rd or 4th day carb up. I think this realy does work in preventing muscle loss ( I also use BCAAS) Good luck on your keto journey. I know you can do it. Are you targeting a competition?
  23. VP, Have you ever tried NitroFusion? If so, what did you think about it? tasty? thick? any good flavors? Keep up the good work!!!
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