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  1. Looks like a solid diet, so to get your body below your current weight, you might just have to cut a few more calories. Everyone will reach a point of diminishing returns, so it's up to you to determine at what point you have a good balance of body weight and food intake. Are you happier at 72kg and 2100 cals, or would you drop to 2000 cals if it got you down to 70kg, etc.?
  2. Just FYI, I would skip the Himalayan salt and go with good old iodized. No reason to prefer Himalayan, and iodized salt helps prevent deficiency.
  3. 811 doesn't work for everyone, especially those trying to pack on muscle mass. It's not the 'only' healthy diet, you know?
  4. He looks like he is fascinated by everything! Does he let you sleep at night?
  5. First, let me say that your diet looks pretty healthy, so that's good. You mentioned you are skinny though, so you are going to want to eat more than feels 'normal' to eat, since your body isn't used to living with a calorie surplus. I think an ideal protein range for health/fitness is anywhere from 10%-40% of calories, depending on protein quality and number of calories. Anything in that range should be healthy/safe. Recently, different fasting styles have become popular, with Pilon's method being one of them. I think these methods are great for helping people consume fewer calories, since limiting the window for calories is a form of calorie restriction. If you aren't trying to lose weight, I'm not sure if fasting periods will be as beneficial for you. Welcome to the forum! Sorry my reply is pretty brief, but I am pretty busy right now. Take care!
  6. Recipe, for the lazy: 4 stalks kale 4 celery stems 1 cucumber 1 pear 1/2″ ginger 8 oz water (optional, to help items blend together more smoothly) Personally I think this shake wouldn't be terribly sweet and probably thick, even using a Vitamix. The Vitamix will destroy veggies, but it won't remove fiber, and hence, the thickness. The Vitamix was the first expensive product I ever purchased for myself (besides my laptop), and I haven't regretted it even once. I heard the Nutribullet works pretty well too, but with the Vitamix and Blendtec's you are getting a stellar warranty too.
  7. If you stick with whole wheat bread and unsweetened PB, then that's a pretty healthy meal for a college student!
  8. I'm not terribly informed about these types of issues, but is it possible that all the exercise you do is stressing your heart too much? For example, you mentioned that you recently got your heart rate up to 196. To me, this sounds like maybe unnecessary stress on your heart that it's not in the mood to handle right now, but again, I'm not really an expert.
  9. Hey haven't seen you around in awhile! What'cha up to these days?
  10. Dayum son, great progress! The only thing I would look to improve (for competition) is the pecs, but other than that you are looking great. Congrats!
  11. Chef John from Food Wishes did a chia pudding recently. His videos have a nice flair, and the recipe looks good! http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2013/09/chia-chocolate-pudding-sort-of-pet.html
  12. Any powdered product that contains any amount of alkalinizing food product in it.... Hang on, why isn't my idea better. Eating whole spinach will be better than a processed powder. If you don't have a good blender, then there is that I guess.
  13. Just addressing the first part: Because B12 is critical for life and isn’t found in any amount in plants (except some types of algae), it is by far the most important nutrient that vegans must be concerned with. TRUE. Take your B12 supplement kids! Animal protein contains all the essential amino acids in the right ratios. It is important for muscle mass and bone health, to name a few. Vegans don’t get any animal protein, which can have negative effects on body composition (2, 3, 4, 5). The operative words being 'can have.' Creatine helps form an energy reservoir in cells. Studies show that vegetarians are deficient in creatine, which has harmful effects on muscle and brain function (6, 7, . Creatine is produced by the body when needed. Carnosine is protective against various degenerative processes in the body and may protect against aging. It is found only in animal foods (9, 10, 11). Carnosine is produced by the body when needed. Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) is the most active form of Omega-3 fatty acids in the body and primarily found in animal foods. The plant form of Omega-3s, ALA, is inefficiently converted to DHA in the body (12, 13, 14). TRUE. I think a DHA supplement is good to be safe, but I also think most people will be fine with daily flax/chia in their diet. Two other nutrients that have been demonized by vegan proponents are saturated fat and cholesterol. Cholesterol is a crucial molecule in the body and is part of every cell membrane. It is also used to make steroid hormones like testosterone. Studies show that saturated fat intake correlates with increased testosterone levels (15). Cholesterol is produced by the body when needed. Testosterone is produced by the body when needed. The article seems to confuse 'healthy' with 'optimal for muscle building at the expense of all else.'
  14. Counter-point: http://www.veganhealth.org/articles/soy_wth
  15. There are a few ladies here who do bodybuilding with a vegan lifestyle, so I would recommend checking out their training and food logs for some good ideas.
  16. Yes, she is Chinese Very cool. Although it looks like you two were having more fun than the kids!
  17. Your girls look amazing! Can I ask, is your wife Asian? Mine is Indonesian so I am always interested in what the German/Indo combo might come out to be.
  18. Well that is perhaps the most one-sided article I have ever seen come out of PopSci.
  19. This recipe works great for me every time, but it certainly isn't high protein. http://www.food.com/recipe/5-minute-vegan-pancakes-132263
  20. They both say the same thing. They are really just statements that help prevent the manufacturer from getting sued by people with allergies. Neither of those statements indicate that the product has been made with non-vegan ingredients, only that the product was made in a system or on machines that may have also come into contact with non-vegan ingredients.
  21. Wiki also lists broccoli, cauliflower, tofu, amaranth, quinoa, soybeans, spinach, and kidney beans as having good amounts. Definitely a nutrient to watch out for. Thanks!
  22. Lol cool, more than half of my daily food allowance with less than 1/8 of the nutrition! I would not typically eat any of those ingredients (except mama's homemade jelly on occasion) because every one of them is processed. IDK if you caught this but I stick mainly to raw veganism. Health first, strength second, looks third. Well you can get pure peanut butter, which is very minimally processed, you can get all fruit jellies, and you can eat as many veggies with the plan as you want, since they are basically calorie free, so that would cover your vitamin needs. But I was being sarcastic.
  23. 8oz peanut butter 4oz jelly 8oz wheat bread 2230 cals, 82g protein, $5/day
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