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  1. Yep. It makes me kind of sad to see that it's often not a movement for general equality but for freeing a race which in fact just supports racism it its own way. It's like saying that there has to be a law that says how many women a company has to employ. It's sexism, too. We shouldn't give things like race or gender any value in these concerns to really make progression.
  2. Thanks for the link, vegan Germany loves you for that. Great video, but he didn't turn around completely.
  3. Last week I saw The Other Boleyn Girl on DVD. I think it's an incredibly awesome film. I was really siding with Anne for some reason (maybe because of the actress? I don't know.. )..
  4. Cool thread! Singleplayer: Assassin's Creed atm.. Very repetitive but I want to see how the story evolves and it has some cool stuff in it. Multiplayer: Call of Duty 4 since release (I'm a CoD fanboy) and a bit Lord of the Rings Online.. Hope my GRID arrives soon...
  5. Plus, she's soooo cute. I've watched it, too. I'm a Portman Maniac.
  6. Well, we'll get either a third Bush term or a third Clinton term, one or the other. A third Clinton term would be slightly better, but nothing to get excited about, so I can't blame my fellow Americans if they're not paying attention. Yeah, what a choice. I dislike that two-party-system.
  7. Well, it's really hard to lie all day, so I can forgive him this one.
  8. Hi! Have you seen this one yet? http://sendables.jibjab.com/sendables/1191/time_for_some_campaignin
  9. Cut out the spirit part and I agree with you.I think that someone who does that unbelievably horrible thing must be ill in some way.
  10. Tune: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj6yXxVc21Y It's pictures day! One month has passes, I had some downs with the calves but I made an overall progress with weights/reps. It's invisible but have a look yourself: viewtopic.php?p=146758#146758 Have a great day, people.
  11. 13.6.08 6/13/08 My pictures make me laugh everytime, heh. http://janisping.ja.funpic.de/BB/130608/130608%20front%20down.jpg http://janisping.ja.funpic.de/BB/130608/130608%20front%20up.jpg http://janisping.ja.funpic.de/BB/130608/130608%20side%20bi.jpg http://janisping.ja.funpic.de/BB/130608/130608%20side%20tri.jpg http://janisping.ja.funpic.de/BB/130608/130608%20back.jpg Not really much progress, maybe the arms? However, the weights / reps increase, so it's okay for me .
  12. *sighs* I wouldn't say respect, but what I'd be fine with is searching and hunting (stealing etc.) animals in the wild, but anything with animals (factory) farm is wrong in my eyes.
  13. It's OK, you’re not coming over as offensive. The thing is most people do not regard the mass murder of people and the mass murder of animals for human consumption as comparable. They want to eat meat, eggs and milk and have few qualms about the killing of animals necessary to provide their chosen diet. I’m not looking at this as a vegan, I’m looking at this from a wider perspective, and have no problem with Jamie Oliver on TV re-enacting to non-vegans what normally goes on behind closed doors. If some people as a result reappraise their eating of animal products and change their diet then that’s positive. The thing is that the main differences between normal campaigns and this one are:He doesn't want to change it. He kills beings instead of using footage. He is no vegan. What I've read here is that it's good he doesn't tell us the story from an activist's point of view and I agree. But the fact that he doesn't want to change anything has influence on the people's conclusion, I guess. But still, even if he'd like to show people the reality he could use footage and comment on it. Killing beings live is nothing we should ever consider nor appreciate.
  14. He is showing the reality of egg production. Torturing children in some hypothetical and disturbing TV stunt is not really the best way – in fact I fail to see any link - of highlighting the influence of the rich over the poor. So no I wouldn’t talk that way Ping as your example is not really a valid comparison nor is it ever going to happen. OK, let's say if some American gased jews in 1940 in a TV show to show how fucked up the Germans are. Isn't that comparable? I don't mean to be offense but I really cannot see how one can view his action in any positive way.
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