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  1. Oh guys,honestly I am so touched of what has been written. You are the best! No doubt about that! This kind of support is so special and it absolutely made my day. I'll read through this thread every day from now on and I bet I'll be fine in no time That's such a cool comparison It totally rocks! Better and stronger... sounds perfect! I'll take that as a promise You bet! I won't stop training and I'll keep track of it Again: Thanks a bunch for the warm and wonderful posts! Believe me, I want to come back as soon as possible! ~ K-oz
  2. Hi everyone, since it's been three months now, that my now ex-boyfriend has dumped me and I am still feeling horribly down and aweful, I need to change something. He left Germany - including me - behind and apparently moved on, while I am sitting here in my own misery and can't get out of it. This forum means a lot to me and I have found friends here and a place to come to and have fun. But since I don't get around reading posts about him or from him (including pictures), I need to take some time off. It just hurts too much. I have literally cried two months - every day. December was bit better, it was only about every 1.5 days. I need to get over it somethow or I'll be in this miserable state forever and ever. I will miss all of you a great bunch!! ~ K-oz
  3. Oh, I know what you mean. They close the students gym when there are no lectures. So they are closed for two weeks now But the "reunion" will be even greater. Looking forward to read what you'll have done tomorrow
  4. Hello and welcome back for K-oz' training log. Today in the programm we have had a semi good to bad training on a very shitty day. We had a very special guest as well, which we want to uninvite for the training sessions to come: dizziness! In company of circulation problems and powerlessness they pretty much spoiled the training. So get lost, will ya? Todays programm: 10minutes bike Squats: 25kg x20, 35kg 30, 40kg x10, 40kg x12, 40kg x12 (stupid d was pretty heavy here, I thought I had to stop training) Deadlift: 30kg x12, 40kg x6, 40kg x8, 30kg x10 (screwed up my hurting back from Tuesday even more. ShiRt!) Rows with barbell: 20kg x10, 20kg x12, 20kg x15 Dumbell Curls: 8kg x12, 8kg x12, 9kg x10, 9kg x12 (I pushed myself through it) Calves (sitting): 40kg x20, 50kg x18, 50kg x15 (first time I did calves since I have hurt my ankle. I have found out, my ankle is still not good and started to hurt) Dumbell shoulderpress: 8kg x12 x3 Cable pulldown triceps: 20kg x10 20kg x10, 20kg x11 (very good) Abs Stretching- I am dang unflexible Over 2 hours wokout again but had to do an extra of 65minutes Cardio after my training, because they told me, that they are closed tomorrow - so I can't go. It was a freaking bad idea though, because my ankle is really trash again now. I had to go home twice, after I have already gone to the gym, because I have forgotten something. I don't live far, but it pissed me off. I only ate a pear for breakfast and had nothing for lunch. That sucked too. A thing that was good today was that someone made a belade birthday cake for me and it was very delicious. The bad part is, that I ate 3 pieces of it (that cake was pretty unhealthy) and had nothing more before training. But I tell you, it was sooo yummie! I am happy to not train for the next few days to get myself back together and at the end of my training session I was pretty proud of having done it anyway Here are pictures of my lovely birthday cake http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/5451/img01142sn7.jpg http://img379.imageshack.us/img379/9352/img01144al8.jpg Mmmmhhh! That was a really nice gift I'll go to bed with that in mind and end my day today. Everybody else: keep up the good work over christams
  5. Yeah, that's right, I've heard about the Ghee, pretty ing for vegans. Thanks for pointing that out, I have completely forgotten about it. Which would have been a big mistake visiting the next indien restaurant!
  6. I have found Indian to be pretty good.They seem to always have something vegan, no matter where you go. But with Tai you've got to be careful! They like to use fishbroth as a basis for all of there dishes. It's better to ask when you're in a Thai restaurant!
  7. Oh, you are very welcome! I think it is so cool, that you are so passionate about that sport! And it is so usefull as well, I bet you can kick anybody's ass. So bad guys: take care I've tried martial arts as well and I find kickboxing so so interesting. I would like to be able to do it. But I have failed several times
  8. Hey Suz, do you workout alone? Do you go to school for some training session? How does the bag work look like?
  9. I guess my form is not so bad actually and it is funny, because this was the only time somebody had something to say about it. Usually I am used to more "getting told" in the gym. That's good Thus I'll keep it as it is! :flex: Allthough I wanted to go to the gym today I couldn't. I had to stay at the university too long and my time was already up, so I couldn't go anymore. But I'll go tomorrow! Can't wait. I guess it is also good to rest today a little longer, because my back hurts from hyperextensions. That exercise is no good for me. I'll cut that out or just do them light - without weight.
  10. Poor andesuma... I don't think she was looking for advice like that But I have to say, that it's the funniest way of getting in touch I have ever heard of ...
  11. Last trainings session: 10 minutes bike Squats: 25kg x20, 35kg x20, 40kg x10, 40kg x10, 40kg x10, 40kg x15, 30kg x10 Deadlifts: 30kg x12, 35kg x12, 35kg x12, 35kg x10 Triceps pulldown (cable): 15kg x15 x3 Dumbell curls: 8kg x10, 8kg x12, 8kg x12 Dumbell shoulderpress: 7kg x12, 8kg x10, 8kg x10 Shrugs: 14kg x12, 14kg x20, 16kg x16 Abs and streching Todays training: 15 minutes cross trainer (that's what's written on the machine ) Lat machine: 25kg x20 warmup, 30kg x15, 30kg x13, 30kg x12, 30kg x12 Lat machine, underhand grip: 30kg x12, 35kg x8, 35kg x10 Cable row: 35kg x12, 40kg x7, 40kg x4, 35kg x6 Incline benchpress (dumbells): 10kg x15, 12kg x12 x3 Pullovers (dumbell): 9kg x12 x3, 10kg x15, 10kg x12 Barbell benchpress: 20kg x15, 25kg x10, 27,5kg x8, 30kg x6 +2 w.h., 30kg x4 +2 w.h. Hyperextensions: 15 reps, 5kg x13, 5kg x15, 5kg x15 Abs Forgott the stretching I have spent 2,5 hours in the gym again. I guess I should cut the sets and not make so many of them. I was pretty exhausted today and I am not satisfied with benchpress, but it's still ok. Now you know. I try to not skip training, since that's when I feel good! This week before christmas I might even have the time to go more often. Of course I want to Well, the 90° angle was meant, that when I spread out my arms to both sides so I have a line and than bend my forearms towards my front. I stop when I have a 90° angle and this is the place where my hands should go up and grab the bar. I tried it. It is weird, I can do more weight with a little more narrow grip, but not too narrow. About 80°. Thus what flanders said fits quite well for my training
  12. I saw all parts, but part 4. But I guess, I don't have to see part 4 to get the point This is best proove of how church is the biggest sect ever! It is absolutely incredible how they brainwash those kids with god and devil, heaven and hell. How those kids are trained to feel fear and feel guilt and thus obey better to those rules that are brought up. "Take these prophesies and make war with them" - what a powerful sentence, what destruction will it bring? There is a pledge to a christian flag? And to the bible. Holy canoly. "Harry Potter whould have been put to death" - alright, thanks for beeing peaceful. And to pray that the devil will not take over the microphone made me laugh and pause in wonder at the same time. Now that lady is a good example to grow up to: She washes away the sins of those kids with NESTLE water and get's exhausted while doing her hair. What a idol Puh, watching that movie really made me question if this world really can get better at all.
  13. What supplements are you looking for? How come they're not available in Sweden?
  14. Ok, I'll try that next time. Should I be afraid of not beeing able to lift as much as before? I have always done it the other way and I am finally happy, that I got stronger. I'd be so sad to see it drop again. Since last thursday I have a really great attitude towards training and eating. I'll do my best to keep the good training up and I my happy, since my bodyweight is under 60kg for about a week now. This is good, since my goal is 58kg and of course holding that. It'll take a while to get there, but I think it's possible.
  15. Back again. Thanks Daywalker. I really do see effects. Even my body. I can see changes, which makes me very happy and which motivates me to go on and do more Today I had a pretty good workout again. I was looking forward to it since saturday. I wanted to make it short and heavy, but I've been in the gym for over 3 hours... not all training though. I'll tell you in a minute. Well, I didn't start with biking again, since there are no cardio machines available - ever. Oh well, so this is what I did: Lat machine (this time with a much much lighter bar. It weighed almost nothing): 25kg x15 warmup, 30kg x12, 35kg x8, 35kg x6 + 30kg x3, 30kg x10 I am pretty pleased with that. The progress of my lat is so lame, that I am so happy about those numbers! 35 is the best so far. Cable row: 25kgx 15 warmup, 30kg x 12, 40kg x8, 35kg x10, 35kg x10 Pretty good as well My first attempt on 40 and 8 reps are not bad Leg extension: 15kg x12, 15kg x15, 15kg x15 I lost count the first set, it was either 12 or 15 reps, so I took 12. This wouldn't have been on the schedule for today, but I just felt like it. So I kept the weight low to have enough energy on thursday for squats Dumbell Pullovers: 7kg x15, 8kg x15, 9kg x15, 9kg x15 I started way to low, but now I know that 9kg is about what's good right now. I hope to be at 10kg soon. Then I went to barbell benchpress: 20kg x15 warmup, 25kg x12, 30kg x 8 + 2 with help, 30kg x7 +2 w.h., 30kg x5 + 2 w.h. And this is where everything started. I wante to do 30kg, but I wasn't too sure of my strength, so I asked someone to have a look and help me in case I can't bring it back up. That was good, because he really and truely let me struggle to the point where I just couldn't get the bar back up and only then helped me with it. He also encouraged me to do a third set with 30kg. I wouldn't have done it otherwise Again, this is the best I have done with chest so far. I was very happy about finally asking someone to help me and then it happend. That's why I don't want to talk to poeple in first place. He had so much to tell and talk about that my concentration went totally down the drain He even made me laugh during the set, I almost dropped the stupid thing. Well, I managed to "get away" and to another bench and started with Dumbell incline benchpress: 12kg x8 After my first set, he came to me, sat down... and talked. I mean, about cool movies and stuff, which is nice, but I wanted to finish my training. Well, but I sat there and was trying to find the right moment and right words to cut him off. He knew I was training, so I wandered why he kept talking anyway. Well, at the end, he's been talking to me over a hour It was already so freacking late, I couldn't believe it. I was tired, unmotivated and knew I need to get up early next morning. But I did finish my bench press: 10kg x12, 10kg x12 - better than nothing. I even did a little abs and hyperextensions and went home. I ate something, although it is much too late now. And I know I will be falling asleep tomorrow morning. But it was a good training session anyway and I'm proud of my chestwork today. Somebody told me I should widen my grip. He said there should be a 90° angle where my ellbow is. That'd be more for chest and not so much for triceps. But actually, why not train the triceps right with it? I don't know. We'll see.
  16. Oh well, that's from cutouts, that have not been shown in the movie
  17. WHAT? You'll have to look like Christian Bale in Batman Begins right after that, you know that, right? http://img361.imageshack.us/img361/1049/cinereignoffire46shwd7.jpg http://img468.imageshack.us/img468/1628/pic3388yx8.jpg So you might as well save yourself the trouble and just go ahead and look like that right away
  18. Nice vids You like to workout on the playground, hu? Are those excersices with bodyweight the only type of training you do to stay in shape?
  19. Ah, ok! I know, what it is. Thanks No I have a better impression of your workout. Keep up the good work
  20. For me it is much easier to think in kg anyway If you always measure the same exercises in the same category, you can compare those weights from training to training. So you'll se gains anyhow. I think an overview in one measurement is nicer, since you can also compare how much more weight you move with another musclegroup. I like to see that. But I mean it is totally up to you By the way, did you hold the 17,5kg dumbell(?) with two hands? And what is a resistance row machine?
  21. Hope this hasn't been asked before without me seeing it But: how come you mix up lbs and kg?
  22. Yesterday I couldn't go to the gym, because I had a test to pass, which I did! But I spontaneously helped a friend who was moving. I carried heavy boxes and other stuff back and forth and finally up three floors. And the nice thing is, that I (my muscles) got tired faster than usual, so the workout from thursday shows effects
  23. Can't wait to not be a beginner to also try that system I like it quite well But the full boy workout 3-4 times a week sounds very interesting as well
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